Elitech TI-30 LCD Temperature Indicator

Elitech TI-30 LCD Temperature Indicator with double-face adhesive tape helps to stick anywhere, is used to measure and display the temperature values on the LCD screen. This Elitech Temperature indicator is mainly used in waterproof grade in cold chain storage and transportation.
Applications: Pharmaceuticals, vaccines, blood, food, flowers and plants, laboratories.

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Product Description

Operation Instructions of Elitech TI-30 LCD Temperature Indicator:

  •  Press and hold the START button about 5 seconds until a dot ● appears on the left top of the screen normally, the indicator is started.
  • If it defaults start delay, press and releases either button, the dot will flash continuously for 30 seconds and then the LCD turns off.
  • If the indicator is started in start delay status, it cannot be turned off by pressing the STOP button. After the start delay elapses, press and hold STOP about 5 seconds until the dot disappears from the screen, indicating the indicator is stopped. It cannot be started again by pressing the START button.
  • Press and release either button to view the records.
  • Note: Keep the indicator in ambient temperature before it is started. To ensure its protection grade, please do not immerse the indicator in corrosive liquid, such as ethyl alcohol, oleic acid, etc.


Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Model No
Measuring Parameters Temperature
Accuracy -20℃ to + 40℃±0.5℃, other±1℃
Storage Temperature
Sensor Type
Log Interval 5 Min (Default)
Start Modes
Stop Modes
Start Delay
LCD Display
Protection grade
Power Supply
Battery Life

DS_Elitech TI-30 LCD Temperature Indicator_Ver 1.0


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