Drager Pac 8000 Portable NH3 Gas Detector


Dräger® Portable NH3 Gas Detector gives an audio and visual warning against the dangerous concentration of NH3 gas in any such area. Also, with a range of 12 distinct gases, users can opt for one of these relying upon the sensor determination.

Applications: Hospitals, Fire Service, Chemical Industry, Oil and Gas Industry, Mining, Alcohol, and Drug Detection

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Country : Canada

Product Description

Drager Pac 8000 Portable NH3 Gas Detector is small, economical and extremely powerful for harsh Industrial applications. With no restriction to benefit life and simple to replace batteries, the Pac 8000 can be a steady detector in your fleet. Offering an abnormal state of unwavering quality and fast cautioning against the harmful concentration of CO, H2S, O2, CL2, SO2, PH3, NO2, HCN, CO2 and NH3.

Features Of Drager NH3 Gas Detector

• Warns Against harmful Gas Concentrations

• Robust and Long Lasting

• Simple Calibration and Configuration

• Fast Bump Tests with the Drager Bump Test Station

• Innovative Miniature Sensors

• Triple Alarm for Extra Safety

• Optional Five-Year Guarantee


Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Model No
Target Gases
Alarm threshold A1/A2
IP Rating
Operating Temperature
Operating Humidity
Operating Pressure
Battery Life


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