Clean Room Scanner(3 in 1) Model AI-CRM1-LCD


Clean Room Scanner is intended to measure the vital parameters of Temperature, Humidity and Differential Pressure in Clean Room Applications. The display is a new generation graphic LCD with Blue backlit for great visibility.

Applications: Pharma Clean Rooms, Hospital Operation Theatre Rooms, Isolation Rooms, APIs, Bulk Drugs, Electronic Hardware Manufacturing Plants, Test Plants, Green Houses, and so on.

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Product Description

Clean Room Scanner AI-CRM1-LCD is designed for minimum cabling and easy flush mounting in Modular Wall or Brick Walls of Clean Rooms. The sensors for all 3 parameters are integrated inside for ease of use and installation, also available with option of External Combined Humidity and Temperature Sensor with up-to 10 meters cable. Some stand out features in the Clean Room Monitor include integrated buzzer for parameter violation indication, individual alarm indication for process violation, buzzer enable/disable feature and buzzer delay option and any other customized solution

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