Hospital Clean Room Scanner-Model AI-CRM3A-1


Hospital Clean Room Scanner manufactured by ACE INSTRUMENTS has a Three Line Display System for Clean Rooms suited to acknowledge analog inputs from temperature, humidity, differential pressure, air velocity, gas transmitters from driving manufacturers like Siemens, Honeywell, Carrier Race, Rotronic and so forth

Applications: Clean Room, Laminar Air Flow cabinet, HVAC, AHUs etc.

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Product Description

Hospital Clean Room Scanner Model AI-CRM3A-1 has 3 parameters each can input like temperature, humidity, differential pressure, Indoor Air Quality, Air Velocity, Particle count, light intensity, oxygen level, Carbon dioxide level, etc. The inputs are selectable by DIP keys between Analog 4-,l ikml20mA or 0~10V DC for each of the inputs and the ranges are individually programmable for each input from -999 to +9999 by using the front keys. The displays is of 4-Digit Red LED 7 Segment display.

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