BTH C9 Universal Process Calibrator


BTH C9 Universal Process Calibrator is a handy tool used to calibrate various types of process control instruments that accept mV, mA, and resistance inputs. The unique feature of this Calibrator is its high accuracy and stability

Applications: Calibration of process control instruments, Temperature & pressure transmitters, I/P convertors, Field-level transmitters, Flow transmitters, etc.

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Country : France

Product Description

BTH C9 Universal Process Calibrator is a very useful tool to calibrate many types of process control instruments that accept mV, mA, and resistance inputs. The calibrator has a source & measure function & can be used for lab or field calibration of process control instruments, temperature & pressure transmitters, I/P convertors, field-level transmitters, flow transmitters, and a host of other instruments

Features Of Universal Process Calibrator:

  • Direct TC, mA & RTD output
  • Source & Measure Function
  • Back Light LCD
  • Direct Calibration possible
  • Automatic Power on/off function.

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Model No
Measuring Parameters Current, Resistance, Voltage
DC Voltage Measurement 4.000 V, 40.00 V, 400.0 V
DC mV Measurement 40.00 mV, 400.0 mV
Resolution_2 0.01 mV, 0.1 mV
Accuracy_2 0.5% + 6, 0.2% + 4
AC Voltage Measurement 400.0 mV, 4.000 V, 40.00 V, 400.0 V
Resolution_3 0.1mV, 0.001V, 0.01V, 0.1V
Accuracy_3 1.0% + 4, 0.5% + 4, 0.5% + 4, 0.5% + 4
DC Current Measurement 40.00 mA, 400.0 mA
Resolution_4 0.01 mA, 0.1 mA
Accuracy_4 0.2% + 4
AC Current Measurement 40.00 mA, 400.0 mA
Resolution_5 0.01 mA, 0.1 mA
Accuracy_5 0.5% + 4
Resistance Measurement 400.0 Ohms, 4.000 KOhms, 40.00 KOhms, 400.0 KOhms, 4.000 MOhms, 40.00 MOhms
RTD Measurement Pt100, Cu50
TC Measurement R -40 to 1760 C. S -20 to 1760 C. B 400 to 1800 C. E -200 to 500 C. K -200 to 950 C. J -200 to 700 C. T -200 to 400 C. N -200 to 1000 C.
Diode Test & Continuity Test Diode Test Indication - Displays voltage drop across device, Open Circuit voltage: <0.4 V; continuous Audible tone for test Resistance<50 Ohms Over Voltage protection: 600 V Open circuit voltage: <0.45 Short Circuit current: 130 microA typical Overload protection: 600V peak
Frequency Count 50.00 Hz, 500.0 Hz, 5.000 KHz, 50.00 KHz,100.0 Hz
Power Supply
Supply Scope Instrument -1no, Instruction Manual -1no, Protective cover, Silicon Leads,Carrying Pouch


  1. Portable Calibration source Required

    we have required Portable calibration loop calibrator,
    In the source required 4 – 20 Calibration signal and feed back display on screen
    Please confim

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