Aerosense AVT Air Velocity Transmitter


Aerosense AVT Air Velocity Transmitter is a blend air speed and temperature transmitter appropriate for estimation in HVAC Duct applications with a flexible neckline rib for simple mounting. With effortlessly configurable yields for both temperature and dampness utilizing jumper settings, it makes air speed and stream estimations a breeze.

Applications: Exhaust stack wind current checking, Clean room natural air supply, HVAC air speed estimations, Fan supply, Air Control in drying forms

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Air Velocity Transmitter

Aerosense AVT Air Velocity Transmitter is the perfect instrument for estimation of Air Velocity and Temperature. The field selectable extents gives the adaptability to be chosen for a few wind current applications. The discretionary LED delivers an entire, minimal effort answer for neighborhood sign of wind stream.

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    Air Velocity Transmitter

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