Ace Fixed Oxygen Transmitter

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Ace Fixed Oxygen Transmitter is a weatherproof indicator and transmitter with 4 digits, 7 Segment Red LED display, and 4-20 mA re-transmission Output. Widely used In the manufacturing of Oxygen  Generator and Concentrator. The standard feature also includes an in-built buzzer for process violation alerts.

Application: Fuel Tank Monitoring, Food, and Beverage Packaging, Pharmaceutical, Bulk Drug manufacturing plants, Paper & Pulp Industry, Offshore Drilling and Processing Platforms, Fertilizers Plants,  Coal Mine & Confined Area.

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Country : United States

Product Description

Ace AI-O2-Tx Fixed Oxygen Transmitter has an optional RS 485 Modbus Protocol Communication output to connect to PLC/SCADA/BMS software.

Features Of ACE Digital Oxygen Monitor:

  • Wall Mounting Type IP 65 Phoenix Mecano ABS Plastic Enclosure
  • Large & clear 4 digit red LED display, 7 segment type
  • 1 Relay Output (NO/CO/NC)
  • In-built buzzer for High & Low Limits Violation Alert RS 485 Modbus Communication for PC/SCADA/BMS/EMS/PLC Integration
  • 4-20mA analog retransmission output
  • Easily field replaceable Sensor Module

Additional Information

Weight 2 kg
Manufacturer Ace Instruments
Model AI-O2-Tx
Target Gases Oxygen
Measurable Range Optimal: 0 to 25% ;Standard : 0 to 100%
Accuracy_1 +/-1% of measuring range
Response Time Approx. 15 seconds
Sensing Method Galvanic Cell
Operating Pressure Not More than 100mBar
Operating Range temperature : -20 to 60 Deg c; Humidity : 0 to 99% RH non condensing
Communication RS 485 Modbus Protocol Communication(Optional)
Relay Potential Free NONC contacts
Buzzer Built in Buzzer Alarm for Process Violation Alert
Sensor lifetime Approx 3-5 Years
Power Supply 24 V.D.C., 350 mA / Optional 230 VAC Adaptor provided along with
Display 4 Digit, 0.56” High, 7 Segment Red LED Display
Enclosure ABS Plastic Enclosure with IP 65 Rating (Splash Proof)
Dimension 80 x 120 x 85 (H X W X D)
Warranty 12 Months Manufacturer Warranty
Weight 600 gms

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