Ace AI GPS M4 Digital GPS Clock


Ace AI GPS M4 Digital GPS Clock which has the highest accuracy digital indoor clocks with time synchronization to the Global Position Satellite system.

Applications: Used in Pharma Clean Rooms, Brokerages, Banks, Hotels, Hospitals, multi-storied workplaces, time workplaces, railroads and air terminals, and so on

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Product Description

Ace AI GPS M4 Digital GPS Clock is intended for stylish mixing for establishments into offices, brokerage houses, pharma clean rooms, hospitals, IT business structures, and a large group of different applications that require exact time without having to physically address the time ever. The digital GPS clock comes a divider mounting M.S. Stainless Steel Washable Front Plate, Rated IP65 with powder Coated Body. It is also a reason for flush mounting mixing into dividers for inside walls. The GPS Clock accepts the Global Positioning Satellite time of the country of use.

Features of Ace AI Digital GPS Clock :

  • 4 Digits 4” High 7 Segment Super Bright Red LED Display for Hours & Minutes (HH: MM) 2 Digits of 2″ height for seconds (SS).
  • Accuracy Standard GPS Accuracy of +/- 1 second relayed all across the network.
  • Time Programming Available via keypad inside (for use in case of GPS Signal absence).
  • GPS Receiver Specifications Antenna Type: Active; Antenna Wire Length : 3 meters.; Protocol: NMEA Standard; Cold Start: 45 Seconds ( Avg); Warm Start: 45 seconds ( Avg); Hot Start: 2 Seconds.
  • Enclosure Mild Steel Powder Coated with Stainless Steel Front Flush Plate.
  • Time Display Format 24 Hours Time Format Standard.
  • Body 480 x 165 x 60 mm. ( W x H x D) Front Flush Plate 525 x 180 mm ( W x H).


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