ACE AI-DP1 Digital Differential Pressure Indicator


ACE AI-DP1 Digital Differential Pressure Indicator is part replacement for the analog differential pressure indicators nd are anything but difficult to peruse with completely clear 4 digit LED show. It accompanies worked in sensor and likewise a signal caution with acknowledgement office for process violation alarm in the event of room weight surpassing set points of confinement.

Applications: Pharmaceutical Clean Rooms, Laminar Air Flow Cabinets, HVAC, Biosafety Cabinets, AHUs and so forth.

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Product Description

Ace AI-DP1 Digital Differential Pressure Indicator is computerized readout differential weight marker intended for estimating the room weight inside Pharma clean rooms, Hospital activity theaters and Isolation rooms.

Salient Features incorporate Unit Conversion at the press of a key between mm.W.C.& Pascals coordinated ringer alert for set point violation, Offset arrangement to meet Audit prerequisites, simple 4-20mA Output, 42 mm profundity for Clean Room Modular Wall Fitment and RS 485 Modbus correspondence for BMS/SCADA/PLC mix.

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