Ace AI-2200 Hand Operated Vacuum And Pressure Pump Calibrator


Ace AI-2200 Hand Operated Vacuum and Pressure Pump Calibrator is a hand-operated pump that generates both pressure and vacuum with the help of a caliper handle. Moving the piston back and forth thereby resulting in the formation of vacuum and pressure.

Applications: Generally used in testing and calibration purposes for Pressure and Vacuum gauges in laboratories and field areas.

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Country : India

Product Description

Ace AI-2200 Hand Operated Pressure And Vacuum Pump Calibrator is easy to use and operated manually with a Pressure generation of 30 Bar and Vacuum up to -0.9 Bar. This Pneumatic Hand Pump Calibrator is economical and accommodates most digital gauges as master for calibration and comparison purposes.

Guidelines for safe usage:

  • Use the Hand Pump only for calibration.
  • Clean the gauge inlet thread and the inlet hole for any dirt or any oil before connecting with the pump. These can choke the pump.
  • Always wear protective gear while doing the calibration.


  • To ensure the safety of the users and to avoid damage to this apparatus, please
  • ensure the following:
  • DO NOT operate this to generate pressure above 30 BAR.
  • Use this unit only for Testing work
  • Use this unit in environments specified in the manual
  • The life of spares such as O-rings can be shortened by exposure to atmospheric conditions. For storage use an airtight container.
  • Never remove the SS fittings fitted in the pump. These are fitted and tested for leakage. Use of Teflon tape on these parts after removal and refixing will damage the threads in the pump and our guarantee will become null and void

Additional Information

Weight 1.5 kg
Select Model , , ,
Measuring Parameters Pressure, Vacuum
Vacuum Range
Pressure Range
Pressure Ports_1
O-Rings Nitrile rubber
Fittings SS 304
Connection Type
Material Of Construction
Box Contains
Manufacturer Winters
Model No
Measuring Parameters Pressure, Vacuum
Ranges -1 to 0 Bar, -1 to 3 Bar, -1 to 25 Bar, 0 to 30 Bar
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
Sensor Type
Rubber Boot
Case Material
Response Time
Power Supply
Power off
Battery Life
Operation Life
Case Size
Weight 400 Grams


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