Ace 16 Channel Data Logger


Ace 16 Channel Data Logger can be designed to take inputs of RTD Pt-100 Sensors(Temperature), Pressure( 4-20 mA), Humidity (4-20 mA) Temperature from Transmitters (4-20 mA), any Thermocouples, Voltage or Current(mA) Signals.

Applications: Pharmaceutical industry, Water pumping station, Iron and steel industry, Chemical industry, Petroleum industry so on.

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Product Description

Ace 16 Channel Data Logger have a direct printer port which can be associated to a 80 Column Dot Matrix Printer without using a PC. The instrument can be programmed from the front keys to print the data of all 16 Channels at any time interval. This means that the print time between successive printouts is user programmable from 5 secs to 9999 secs. The printout includes the date, time, channel no. & its value. Extra features include universal input selectable from front key, i.e., each channel can be independently configured for any kind of input. Thus, a single instrument can be used to record temperature, pressure, vacuum, flow, pH, conductivity on different channels of the same instrument. The instruments have a RS232 / RS485 Computer communication port & accompany the trusted Datalog 16 V3 Data Logging /recording software with Online Tabular View, Data Graphing & Excel Sheet Reporting.

DS_Ace 16 Channel Data Logger_Ver 1.0


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