ABB CM10 Universal Process Controller


ABB Universal Process Controller

CM10ABB Universal Process Controller is an adaptable, 1/8 DIN, universal PID process controller. Scalable in both hardware and software functionality, a CM10 can be determined easily to meet the needs of your application requirements. Adaptable control usefulness including on / off, time proportioning, analog PID, split output control and math & rational make the CM10 appropriate for a wide range of process applications. The Control Master CM10 is an adaptable, 1/8 DIN, universal PID process controller.
Applications: Used in R&D Labs, Process Controller, Automation Industry

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Product Description

Universal process controller

The CM10 is adaptable regarding both Hardware and software, empowering it to meet your application requirements. The essential CM10 meets the issues of a basic control loop. Extra templates and functionality can be empowered by adding a function  key to the essential model while holding past templates and functionality. Fully configurable by means of the simple-to-navigate front panel menus or PC design programming, the CM10 can be appointed quickly and afterward tuned by means of the progressed autotune Functionality. MODBUS and Ethernet communication alternatives guarantee simple combination into a control system.

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