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Lutron GU-3001 Precision Milli Gauss Meter

Lutron GU-3001 Precision Milli Gauss Meter is a DC/AC milli gauss magnetometer with an exclusive high sensitivity sensor available for high precision magnetic field measurements and is widely used in the measurement of the absolute environment earth’s magnetic field as a reference.

Applications: Industrial, Mechanical, Electrical, Laboratory field to check the material contains magnetic field value.


Mextech GM-06 Gloss Meter

Mextech GM-06 Gloss Meter is not only used for Floor maintenance but also for Quality control checks of surface cleaning, Stone and tile gloss measurement, Inspection of paint protection and waxing, Quality control of paint and ink, Checking printed matter, measurement (chrome plating), Auto-body paint inspection, Surface inspection of plastic moldings, polished metal surface, Evaluation of detergents and washers, Checking masonry and washers, and building exteriors.