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Ace AI-VAC1 Digital Vacuum Indicator

Ace AI-VAC1 Digital Vacuum Indicator is a  board mounting type that acknowledges the contribution from a strung end vacuum transmitter introduced in the field.

Applications: HVAC, Refrigeration,Evacuating refrigeration systems,Documenting measurements, Refrigeration Control/Monitoring


Ace DHPG 210 Digital Pirani Gauge

Ace DHPG-210 Digital Pirani Gauge is a high digital Vacuum gauge suggested and has a clear 4-Digit LED Display. It measures in the range from 999 m bar to 0.001 m bar.

Applications: Food Industries, Automobile Industries, Pharmaceuticals Industries, Air Conditioners, Air Purifiers, Water Coolers, etc.


Ace M5100 Vacuum Transmitter

Ace M5100 Vacuum Transmitter series from Measurement Specialities sets the price/performance standard for transducers used in demanding environments. The M5100 exceeds the latest heavy industrial CE requirements including surge protection and is over voltage protected to 16Vdc in both positive and reverse polarity Automation.

Applications: Vacuum Systems, Machine Building, Vacuum Pumps & Metallizers, Pumps & Compressors, High Vacuum Distillation


Elitech VGW 760 Digital Vacuum Gauge

Elitech VGW 760 Digital Vacuum Gauge tests system leak and discerns vacuum pump quality evacuation of an HVAC and refrigeration system.

Applications: HVAC, Refrigeration,etc.


Fieldpiece Svg3 Micron Vacuum Gauge

Fieldpiece Svg3 Micron Vacuum Gauge is a compact, rugged gauge that is packed with features HVACR professionals need to help them do more tasks.  It contains a large, dual display with a rate gauge, alarms, timer, rugged rubberized case, and a hook.

Applications:  Automotive, nautical, research and development, and manufacturing.

Flameproof Digital Vacuum Indicator

Flameproof Digital Vacuum Indicators manufactured by Ace Instruments are state of the art vacuum measuring instruments with an in-built stainless steel diaphragm sensor and housed in an explosion proof/flameproof enclosure suitable for operation in hazardous areas.

Applications: Chemicals, Plastics, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Power Stations, Fertilizers, Distillery Plant and Mines, Resin, Beverage Industries, Perfumes and Cosmetics Industries etc.


Mastercool 98061 Electronic Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge

Mastercool 98061 Optical Vacuum Gauge in Clam Shell is equipped for the more accurate thermocouple technology usually used in portable tabletop devices. The Mastercool 98061 HVAC micron gauge allows self-calibration, includes a sensor that will never be harmed by tiny oil mists, and enables the user to configure a specific vacuum range with an indication of a light sensor.
Applications: HVAC, Air Conditioning, etc.


Mcleod Gauge with Mercury

Mcleod Gauge with Mercury is the industry-standard vacuum estimating gauge that utilizes a mercury column on a calibrated analog-digital scale and a metallic base stand with the rotating arrangement is provided as a standard supply for fast and accurate measurement.

Applications: Vacuum Pumps, Vacuum Ejectors, Vacuum Systems, Chemical, and Pharma industry for vacuum measurement at reactors, Vacuum Metalizing Plants, Oil Filtration units etc.


Refco Digital Vacuum Gauge

Refco makes Electronic Vacuum Gauge is the Latest estimating instrument for the persistent reading of estimated values during the evacuation process out in the field as well as in the laboratory.

Applications: HVAC, Biotech, Food, Freeze Drying, Vacuum Furnaces, Refrigerants, Beverage Industries, Pharmaceutical


Supco VG64 Digital Vacuum Gauge

Supco VG64 Digital Vacuum Gauge is a dual-port, high resolution, quick reaction with a convenient built-in hanger that helps to measure vacuum in seven international units and provides fast accurate measurements.
Applications: vacuum measurement during refrigeration system evacuation and high precision laboratory tests.


Supco VG640 Digital Vacuum Gauge

Supco VG640 Digital Vacuum Gauge is the Vacuum Sentry (V640 Series) monitors framework benefit action and gives notification when pre-set alert limits.
Applications: High precision laboratory tests, measurements to conform system leaks, vacuum measurement during system  evacuation



Testo 557 Digital Vacuum Gauge

Testo 557 Digital Vacuum Gauge fulfills numerous functions, which are required for working on refrigeration systems and heat pumps in just one instrument. The testo 557 digital manifold has a 4-way valve block, a large backlit display, and sight glass. Two NTC thermistor clamp probes provide superior accuracy for simultaneous, real-time superheat and subcooling readings.

Application: superheating/subcooling calculation, vacuum measurement, temperature-compensated leakage test.