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99 in stock ABB TTF200, ABB, Temperature TransmitterABB TTF200, ABB, Temperature Transmitter

ABB TTF200 Temperature Transmitter is a universal input smart temperature transmitter. It is designed for setting, in order to meet the specific application requirement of measuring low-level signals from thermocouples (THC), resistance thermometer (RTD), resistance (ohm), or EMF (mV) sources.

Applications: Air economizers, Outdoor temperature, Pool room temperature monitoring, and building ducts.


100 in stock ABB TTH200 Temperature TransmitterABB TTH200 Temperature Transmitter

ABB TTH200 Head Mounted Temperature Transmitter is for standard B sensor heads. The temperature transmitter is provided for all HART standard applications.

Applications: Temperature measurement in air, soil, or water, measurement of delicate surfaces (e.g., leaves, fruits), Oil, Gas and Petrochemical, Research and Development,  Hazardous Areas.

99 in stock ABB TTH300 Head Mounted Temperature TransmitterABB TTH300 Head Mounted Temperature Transmitter

ABB Head Mounted Temperature Transmitter can be configured via FDT / DTM in DAT200 (Asset Vision Basic) or any standard FTD tool via EDD or local HMI (optional).

Applications: Temperature measurement in air, soil, measurement of delicate surfaces, Oil, Research and Development, Industrial Safety, Hazardous Areas, and pharmaceutical.

100 in stock Hospital clean Room Monitor,CRM,Hospital Clean Room DetectorHospital clean Room Monitor,CRM,Hospital Clean Room Detector

ACE AI-RHTm Hospital Clean Room Monitor is intended to measure vital parameters like Temperature, Humidity in hospital room applications. The Hospital Room Monitor Model AI-RHTm is designed for minimum cabling and simple flush mounting in modular wall panels or brick walls of the Clean Room.

Applications: Hospital Clean Rooms, Laminar Air Flow Cabinets, HVAC, Biosafety Cabinets, etc, measuring fan pressure, blower pressure, air velocity, furnace draft, a pressure drop across orifice plates, liquid levels in bubbler systems, pressures in the fluidic framework, and filter resistance.

100 in stock Ace-AI-RHTx-1Ace-AI-RHTx-1

Ace AI-RHTx Temperature and Humidity Transmitter is a wall-mounted Humi-Temp Indicator that measures and simultaneously displays parameter readings in Red LED display. The Temperature and Humidity Transmitter has an optional output of 2 X 4-20 mA, one each for both Temperature and Relative Humidity.

Applications: Pharma Clean Rooms, HVAC, Hospital Isolation Rooms and Hospital Operation Theatres


Dwyer CDT Series Carbon Dioxide and Temperature Transmitters measure the concentration and temperature of CO2 in schools, office buildings and other indoor environments to help achieve LEED ® certification. For improved sensor longevity, a single-beam dual-wavelength non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) sensor is used to automatically correct aging effects in both occupied and unoccupied buildings.

Applications: Demand control ventilation in schools, office buildings, hospitals, and other indoor environments

100 in stock E+E Compact Dew Point Temperature TransmitterE+E Compact Dew Point Temperature Transmitter

E+E Compact Dew Point Temperature Transmitter, the correct observing of dew point temperature in packed air frameworks, dryers for plastic, and other mechanical procedures are winding up progressively more important. EE371 arrangement with an estimating range – 80…60°C Td (- 112…140°F Td) and EE372 arrangement with an estimating range – 40…60°C Td (- 40…140°F Td) is the perfect answer for such applications.

Applications: Monitoring of compressed air systems, Refrigerant type dryer, Absorption dryer, and Plastics dryer.

100 in stock E+E Elektronik EE355 Dew Point Transmitter, Dew point transmitterE+E Elektronik EE355 Dew Point Transmitter, Dew point transmitter

E+E Elektronik EE355 Dew Point Transmitter is ideal for applications in pressed air systems with its  integrated auto-calibration procedure permits a measurement accuracy of <2 °C Td. It also has option of an analog 4-20 mA, digital Modbus RTU output, Modbus to USB converter and EE-PCS configuration software.

Applications: Compressed air systems, Plastic dryers, Industrial drying processes etc.

100 in stock Duct Temperature Humidity Transmitter, AI-RHTx-FLPDuct Temperature Humidity Transmitter, AI-RHTx-FLP

Flameproof Duct Humidity Temperature Transmitters AI-RHTx-FLP are designed for HVAC applications for simultaneous dual analog 4-20mA outputs corresponding to temperature & humidity. The Flameproof Duct Humidity Temperature Transmitter is ideal for connecting outputs onto BMS/PLC/SCADA since it provides industry standard 4-20mA Analog Outputs & also comes with optional RS 485 Modbus communication.

100 in stock Honeywell H7080B, Honeywell Temperature and Humidity Duct SensorHoneywell H7080B, Honeywell Temperature and Humidity Duct Sensor

Honeywell H7080B Temperature and Humidity Duct Sensor transducers are designed for environmental monitoring and control applications in industrial, commercial and general buildings. These sensors can be used for discharge, outside or return air control.

Application: HVAC, Refrigeration, Air conditioning, etc.

100 in stock Honeywell SCT Humidity Temperature, Honeywell Humidity TemperatureHoneywell SCT Humidity Temperature, Honeywell Humidity Temperature

Honeywell SCTHWA43SDS Temperature and Humidity transmitter is a wall mount transmitter ideal for measuring temperature and humidity in indoor applications such as building automation and HVAC systems in residential and office buildings, manufacturing plants, pharmaceuticals, etc. This temperature and humidity transducer are equipped with Honeywell HumidIcon™ humidity/temperature sensors to accurately and reliably sense humidity and temperature.
Applications: Residential and office buildings, production and manufacturing plants, Storerooms, Equipment cabinets, Testing environments

200 in stock Multifunction Transmitter,Multifunction Transmitter,

KIMO C 310 Multifunction Transmitter


KIMO C 310 multifunction transmitter with interchangeable probes. Its display can show up to 4 parameters, but can also show a trend graph and the min/max values. It has 2 analog outputs, which can be expanded by 2 more. Optional, there is also a Modbus or Ethernet connection.

Applications: Clean Rooms, Pharmaceutical, HVAC