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99 in stock ABB TTF200, ABB, Temperature TransmitterABB TTF200, ABB, Temperature Transmitter

 ABB TTF200 Temperature Transmitter is a universal input smart temperature transmitter. It is designed for setting, in order to meet the specific application requirement of measuring low level signals from thermocouples (THC), resistance thermometer (RTD), resistance (ohm) or EMF (mV) sources.

100 in stock TTH200 Temperature Transmitter, ABB Temperature TransmitterTTH200 Temperature Transmitter, ABB Temperature Transmitter

ABB TTH200 Temperature Transmitter type is designed for standard type B sensor heads. TTH200 is provided for all HART standard applications in temperature measurement with one sensor. The transmitter supports the same functionality as the TTH300, but without sensor redundancy and sensor drift monitoring and can be configured via FDT / DTM in DAT200 (Asset Vision Basic) or any standard FTD tool via EDD.

Applications: Temperature measurement in air, soil, or water,measurement of delicate surfaces (e.g., leaves, fruits), Oil, Gas and Petrochemical, Research and Development, Industrial Safety, Hazardous Areas and pharmaceutical

Standard Model:  ABB TTH200.Y0.H.BS

Out of stock E+E Elektronik EE355 Dew Point Transmitter, Dew point transmitterE+E Elektronik EE355 Dew Point Transmitter, Dew point transmitter

E+E Elektronik EE355 Dew Point Transmitter


E+E Elektronik EE355 Dew Point Transmitter is ideal for applications in pressed air systems with its  integrated auto-calibration procedure permits a measurement accuracy of <2 °C Td. It also has option of an analog 4-20 mA, digital Modbus RTU output, Modbus to USB converter and EE-PCS configuration software.

Applications: Compressed air systems, Plastic dryers, Industrial drying processes etc.