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100 in stock ABB Universal Process Controller,Universal Process ControllerABB Universal Process Controller,Universal Process Controller

ABB CM10 Universal Process Controller is an adaptable, 1/8 DIN, universal PID process controller. Scalable in both hardware and software functionality, a universal process controller can be determined easily to meet the needs of your application requirements. Adaptable control usefulness including on / off, time proportioning, analog PID, split output control and math & rational make the CM10 appropriate for a wide range of process applications. The control master universal process controller is an adaptable, 1/8 DIN, universal PID process controller.

Applications: R&D Labs, Automation Industry, Instrumentation Industry, and HVAC Applications.

99 in stock ABB CM30 Universal Process ControllerABB CM30 Universal Process Controller

ABB CM30 Universal Process Controller is reasonable for extensive varieties of process applications. It completely configurable by means of the simple to-explore front board menus or PC arrangement programming, the process controller can be dispatched quickly and then tuned via the advanced autotune capability. It accompanies MODBUS, PROFIBUS and Ethernet correspondence choices guarantee simple to mix into a control framework.

Applications: Industrial, Laboratory and HVAC Applications

99 in stock ABB TTH300 Head Mounted Temperature TransmitterABB TTH300 Head Mounted Temperature Transmitter

ABB Head Mounted Temperature Transmitter can be configured via FDT / DTM in DAT200 (Asset Vision Basic) or any standard FTD tool via EDD or local HMI (optional). For PROFIBUS the configuration is possible via GST-file, EDD or DTM and for FOUNDATION Fieldbus via EDD. 

Applications: Temperature measurement in air, soil, or water,measurement of delicate surfaces (e.g., leaves, fruits), Oil, Gas and Petrochemical, Research and Development, Industrial Safety, Hazardous Areas and pharmaceutical

Standard Model:  ABB TTH300.Y0.H.BS

88 in stock Ace AI-01C Digital Temperature ControllerAce AI-01C Digital Temperature Controller

Ace AI-01C Digital Temperature Controller is a panel mounting type process indicator controllers with universal input selectable from front keys between RTD Pt-100, J, K, R Thermocouple & 4-20mA.

Applications: Used in HVAC, Pharma, Industries, Automation, etc.

100 in stock ACE AI-RHTC Digital Temperature Humidity ControllerACE AI-RHTC Digital Temperature Humidity Controller

ACE AI-RHTC Digital Temperature Humidity Controller is utilized to screen the temperature and humidity of a chamber, room, machine alongwith online showcase and 2 hand-off yields ,1 hand-off yield for alarm after surpassing set temperature and second transfer yield for alert after surpassing set humidity.

Applications: Wobble test system for vehicle’s tyre manufacturer, Chips conveying automation for POY/PFY plant, Infurnace, Multi zone control automation, Pharmaceutical, Industries, HVAC

100 in stock Vaccine Freezer Temperature Monitor, Freezer TemperatureVaccine Freezer Temperature Monitor, Freezer Temperature

ACE Vaccine Freezer Temperature Monitor is an economical and user-friendly Temperature Monitor which can simultaneously measure, display & alert user about the critical condition of temperature parameter in vaccine freezer & vaccine handling facilities.

Applications: Cold rooms, Freezer rooms, Vaccine refrigerators, and Vaccine Freezers.

100 in stock temperature controller,temperature meter,pid temperature controllertemperature controller,temperature meter,pid temperature controller

TCN Series is economical temperature controllers having dual preset indicator display to increase user convenience. The series realizes ideal temperature controlling with newly developed PID control algorithm and 100ms high speed sampling; in addition, the series allows users to take advantage of economical controlling with SSRP and relay outputs. The TCN Series is also available in low voltage models for wider user options.

100 in stock Clean Room Monitor, Digital Temperature Controller,Digital Temperature ControllerClean Room Monitor, Digital Temperature Controller,Digital Temperature Controller

Ace instruments make Clean Room Digital Temperature Controller AI-CDT is particularly intended for showing the temperature of a room, by method for a coordinated temperature sensor or an outer temperature sensor.

Applications: Clean Room, Hospitals.

100 in stock Cold Storage,Temperature Monitor,Cold Storage MonitorsCold Storage,Temperature Monitor,Cold Storage Monitors

Cold Storage Temperature Monitor is a conventional monitor in cold storage & frozen food facility applications for checking temperature which all the while measures, shows and alarms client about the temperature in cold storage units and frozen food facilities.

Applications: Medical, Pharma, Food & Beverages, Storage Type(Ports, Bulks stores, Production stores)

100 in stock Honeywell Temperature Controller, Temperature MonitorHoneywell Temperature Controller, Temperature Monitor

Honeywell  T2798i2000 Temperature Controller gives relative in addition to vital (P+I) and on/off temperature control for business Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning System, for instance, Hydronic Heating, Air Handling Unit, Heat Exchanger or Condensing Tower


This independent miniaturized scale controller based LCD temperature controller gives corresponding in addition to indispensable (P+I) and on/off temperature control for business Heating, Ventilating and Air molding System, for example, Hydronic Heating, Air Handling Unit, Heat Exchanger or Condensing Tower. This controller has an adjusting simple 2 to 10Vdc or 4 to 20mA yield and a 2A on/off yield to acknowledge different discretionary control capacities including cool/warm changeover, warm/cool grouping control, emergency interlocking and auto-disturbing control.

Masibus Universal Digital Temperature Controller Model: 408-M-9-U1

Masibus 408-M Universal Digital Temperature Controller is a micro-controller based 4 digit process indicator, designed to accept multiple input types. This temperature transmitter has a 0.8″ display which helps the users to read process data very conveniently from a far distance.
Applications: Temperature & process indication, Plastics molding/extrusion temperature monitoring, Heat treatment – furnace temperature monitoring, Chillers, Water heating boilers, Oven control, Pressure/ Level/ Flow Monitoring.

100 in stock Selec Digital Temperature Controller,Selec  TC 303Selec Digital Temperature Controller,Selec  TC 303

Selec TC 303 Digital Temperature Controller is a refined auto-tuning PID controller or on/off controller with the selectable thermocouple, RTD up to two outputs. versions are accessible with various hand-off and SSR output. The controller can be arranged as on/off or PID control and caution outputs, or as 2 on/off or PID controls (warm/cool) in addition to 1 alert output.