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Digital Pressure Indicator Controller

Digital Pressure Indicator Controller Pressure measuring and controlling instruments by Ace Instruments are cutting edge instruments utilizing imported treated steel sensors. Digital pressure indicator controllers are composed with the end goal that they can without much of a stretch substitute the ordinary dial checks for measuring pressure all the more precisely and conveniently.

Testo 317-1 Back Pressure Indicator

Testo 317-1 back pressure indicator is a compact portable measuring instrument that helps to detect escaping heating flue gases quickly and accurately. Gas leaks on heating systems can quickly become a problem because breathing in poisonous gases leads to health risks or even a risk of death.
Applications: HVAC, Heating systems, Pharmaceutical industry, etc.

Testo 550 - Digital Manifold

Testo 550 Digital Manifold can now make working on refrigeration systems and heat pumps even easier: the instrument can be used for 60 refrigerants, calculates superheating/subcooling automatically and can now also be connected to a practical smartphone/tablet app. The app makes the operation and the documentation of measurement results significantly more convenient.

Applications: Refrigeration Control / Monitoring 

Winters DPG Series Digital Pressure Gauge

Winters DPG Series Digital Pressure Gauge is a portable instrument that measures pressure whose range is up to 10000 psi. It can measure in other units like a bar, kg/cm2, Mpa, atm. It also has a continuous peak pressure indication option for accurate measurement.

Applications: Ideal for business and mechanical application in both test estimation and broadly useful establishments.