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Apresys DI-99 Disposable Temperature Datalogger

Apresys Dry Ice Disposable Temperature Datalogger is a single-use recorder for monitoring low temperatures in dry ice environments. Dry ice is a solid form of carbon dioxide. A block of dry ice has a surface temperature of -78.5 ℃. The disposable temperature data logger is easy to operate in ultra-low temperature (up to -85℃) environments with battery stability.

Application: Frozen plasma, Vaccines, Drugs and other special transportation such as high-grade fresh food transportation, Beef, Mutton, Seafood, Chocolate, etc..


Tempsen ITAG4 TH Single Use Temperature Humidity Data Logger

Tempsen ITAG4 TH Single Use Temperature Humidity Data Logger is developed to monitor and record temperature or humidity excursions in pharmaceutical, natural and clinical preliminary supply chains. With TempSen’s advanced measurement technology, a user can monitor results without much of a stretch have solid precisely mirroring the inventory network’s ecological conditions.

Applications: Food Industry, Pharmaceuticals industry, Refrigerator Trucks, Reefer ships, Reefer cars, Refrigerator ships, Warehouse