PHDS Fulcrum HPGe Detector

Product Id : 269365

PHDS Fulcrum HPGe Detector is the best user friendly and compact HPGe detector on the market.  The onboard PHDS OMNI software application provides an intuitive interface for state-of-the-art isotope identification and real-time exposure rate calculation.

Application: Safe Standoff Detection,  Nuclear Safeguards, and Security, Waste Management, Environmental Monitoring, Decontamination, and Decommissioning.

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Country : Saudi Arabia

Product Description

PHDS Fulcrum HPGe Detector uses OMNI software, designed to provide fast, reliable isotope identification in an intuitive interface. An onboard algorithm automatically detects and identifies any isotopes in the surrounding environment by just a simple click. Color-coded isotope ID badges provide threat characterization at a glance, allowing Fulcrum operators to quickly assess the radiological situation. The Fulcrum is designed for users of all levels, providing the gold-standard in isotope identification in an easy-to-use package.

Features of PHDS HPGe Detector:

  • HPGe gamma-ray spectroscopy and isotope identification.
  • Good sensitivity to 235U, 239U, 239Pu.
  • Ultra-fast cool-down to operating temperature (2 hours).
  • Compact and hand-portable (3.6 kgs).
  • Relative efficiency: 12% (at 1333 keV).
  • Real-time exposure rate calculation.
  • User-friendly Android app.
  • Reachback File: ANSI N42.42 format.
  • Long-life mechanical cooler (5+ years).
  • Bridge battery option for continuous field operation.
  • Wireless capable for remote operation.
  • User-specified timed data acquisition and auto file save.


Additional Information

Weight 6 kg
Manufacturer PHDS Co
Model Fulcrum
Energy Resolution FWHM ~2.2 KeV(0.15%) at 1332KeV
Relative 1332KeV efficiency vs. 3"x3" Nal 10-13 %
Exposure capacity 20 Kcps
Isotope identification 37 frequently encountered isotopes
Energy range spectroscopy 30KeV-3MeV (12 MeV option)
Isotope categories SNM, NORM, IND, MED
HPGe detector crystal dimensions 60mm diameter, 25mm thick
Cool down time 2 hrs
Detector startup time 2 minutes
User interface device Android Mobile Phone, OMNI or TAK
Power Supply 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Battery life (internal hot swappable) 5-6 hrs
Battery life (external) ~18 hrs
Dimensions 200 x 130 x 150mm
Weight 9.0 lbs. including 1.2 lbs internal battery


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