PCE-SC10 Class 1 Sound Level Calibrator

Product Id : 269622

PCE-SC10 Class 1 Sound Level Calibrator used to calibrate microphones, sound pressure level (SPL) meters, and other noise measuring devices. This portable decibel (dB) meter calibrator is easy to use in the field or the laboratory.

Applications: Calibration of microphones, sound level meters, and other sound measurement equipment.

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Country : United States

Product Description

PCE-SC10 Class 1 Sound Level Calibrator is a battery-operated sound source for quick and direct measurement of sound level meters and other sound gauging systems. It suits 1/2” microphones and 1/4” microphones (with converters). The measurement frequency is 1000 Hz, which is the reference frequency for the standardized international weighting networks. That enables you to use the calibrator for calibrating sound equipment with A, B, C, D weighting filters, and linear. The calibration pressure is 94 ±0.3 dB (1 Pa) and 114 ±0.3 dB (10 Pa). The PCE-SC 10 is equipped with a feed‐back agreement to ensure a highly stable sound pressure level. The feedback loop comprises a reference microphone, a sound source, and a control circuit. The reference microphone has approved a long-term aging test and has proved to be extremely stable. The feedback control circuit can adjust for changes in load volume, temperature, moisture, and atmospheric pressure. The calibrator provides a continuous sound pressure level when fitted onto a microphone and identifies when the microphone is separated from the cavity and automatically switched off, thereby extending the battery life. When the ON/OFF light flashes, this means that the battery voltage is low. If the device stops working continuously, the batteries must be replaced.

Features of PCE Class 1 Sound Level  Calibrator :

  • Complies with IEC60942:2003 Class 1, ANSI S1.40-1984, and GB/T 15173-1994.
  • 1 kHz calibration frequency for all weighting networks.
  • Dual 94 & 114 dB sound pressure level outputs.
  • Calibration accuracy ± 0.3 dB.
  • Highly stable level and frequency.
  • Easy 2-key operation.
  • Fits 1/2” microphones and 1/4” microphones (with adaptor).
  • Powered by 2×AA batteries and automatic power off to conserve battery life.

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Manufacturer PCE Instruments
Model PCE-SC 10
Accuracy ±0.3 dB
Frequency 1 kHz / ±0.5 %
Sound distortion <2 %
Stabilization time <10 s
Microphone aperture 1/2" and 1/4" according to IEC 61094-4
Operating conditions -10 ... +50 °C (+10 ... +122 °F) 10 ... 90 % RH
Power Supply 2 x 1.5 V AA batteries (LR6)
Dimensions 75 x 70 x 46 mm
Weight 316 Grams

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