Nomad Pocket Stroboscope

Product Id : 268628

Nomad Pocket Stroboscope is a compact addendum to XION’s high-performance video stroboscope devices, the versatile stroboscope light source, which is specifically designed for visual use, uses a powerful LED for continuous or voice-frequency-activated flash lighting. The lamp unit can be used with any modern endoscope and is extremely small and light.

Applications:  Industrial, Mining, Shipbuilding, aircraft construction, cardboard manufacturing, Automotive, and motor manufacturing

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Country : United States

Product Description

A lightweight addition to the XION’s is the Nomad Pocket Stroboscope High-performance video-recording devices. The portable stroboscopic light source, which is mainly intended for visual use, uses a powerful LED for flash lighting triggered by continuous or voice frequency. The lamp unit can be used with any modern endoscope and is extremely small and light. The case fits into any pocket of the coat or breast or can be hooked onto the belt

Features of  Nomad Pocket Stroboscope

•  Small, simple to hold and to carry, low cost, versatile to use
• Visual stroboscopy of the vocal folds and as a compact, non-main driven source of light for endoscopic applications in ENT
• The stroboscopic and continuous modes of service
• Crucial frequency identification and optical display
• Versatile Cable Link
• Strong LED lamp device with a microphone built-in
• Suitable for both standard rigid and flexible endoscope optical fiber connectors.

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Manufacturer Xion
Measuring Parameters Frequency
Range 80 to 1,000 Hz
power source 4 x 1.5 V AA batteries
operating duration approx. 90 min (continuous operation)
Dimensions lamp unit diameter 18 X 46 mm ; case 100 X 34 X 150 mm (W X H X D) ; cable length 1.5 m
weight lamp unit 25 g case 70 g

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