Metrix Dt 2239 Digital Stroboscope

Product Id : 268377


Metrix Dt 2239 Digital stroboscope is capable of producing a single, two, or multiple stillness image for a spinning object, a fast moving object, or a repetitive motion object, and can even calculate the revolving velocity without touching the target.

Applications: Industrial, Mining, Shipbuilding, aircraft construction, cardboard manufacturing, and Automotive.

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Country : United States

Product Description

Metrix Dt 2239 Digital stroboscope is capable of providing the vibration target with an image for one, two, or multiple stillness, rapidly moving target, or a periodic motion object, and can also be used to monitor the motion tracks.

Features of Metrix Dt 2239 Digital stroboscope : 

  •  Wide measuring range and high resolution.
  •  Digital Display gives exact reading with no guessing or errors.
  • Automatic stop flashing to save electricity and improve flash tube lifetime.
  • Internal/external triggering fast conversion; x2 and /2 for fast adjustment.
  • Use photoelectric signal for while external triggering, achieve automatic tracking function of the pattern.
  • Use microcomputer technology, emerging technologies, anti-jamming techniques, and other advanced technology, it can measure the rotating velocity without contacting the object.

Additional Information

Weight 1.5 kg
Manufacturer Metrix+
Model No DT 2239
Measuring Parameters RPM
Range 50 to 12,000 FPM
Accuracy +(0.05%n + 1d)
Resolution 0.1FPM(50 to 999.9 FPM) 1 FPM(Over 1000FPM)
Display 5 digits 10mm LCD
Operating Temperature 0 to 40 C
Operating Humidity <85% RH
Sampling time 0.3 sec
Flash Tube Life 100 Million times
Power consumption About 250W
Dimensions 215 X 85 X 180 mm
Weight About 1000g


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