Metravi GM-197 Static cum Electromagnet Gauss Meter

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Metravi GM-197 Static cum Electromagnet Gauss Meter is Designed for measuring the intensity of magnetic fields in both Gauss and Tesla. This Gauss Meter uses a hall probe reinforced with brass for ruggedness. It is used for Static magnets as well as electromagnets. This Static and Electromagnet gaussmeter measures up to  0 to 3000 mT (milli Tesla) and 0 to 30000G (Gauss). This Digital Gauss Meter has a USB Interface and Custom Software to share and analyze data.


Static magnets and Electromagnets, Electrical power lines and transmission equipment, computers, and HVAC, audio/video, and other electrical appliances, etc.


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Country : United States

Product Description

Metravi GM-197 Static cum Electromagnet Gauss Meter is used for measuring both static magnet and electromagnets DC and AC (40 – 500 Hz ), helps to determine the N/S polarity of static magnets. This Gauss Meter can measure the intensity of magnetic fields in both Gauss and Tesla. This GM-197 Static cum Electromagnet Gauss Meter measures up to 0 – 30000mT ( milli Tesla ) or 0 – 30000G ( Gauss ), Relative / peak hold / Realtime Zero function.

Features of Static and Electromagnet Gauss Meter :

  • Auto Range
  • Data Hold, MAX/MIN Hold,
  • It comes with an Alarm and alarm value set up function,
  • Production testing.
  • It was Having a capacity of 200 manual records and 6000 auto data logging.
  • The interval can be set up using a portable computer (PC) or Laptop.
  • This Gauss Meter was having a USB interface that is used to share data with PC and application software with real-time function.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Metravi
Model GM-197
Range 0 ~ 3000mT (milli Tesla) / 0~30000G (Gauss)
Unit Selection Gauss/Tesla
Unit Conversion 1mT=10G(Gauss)
Backlight The backlight is manually turned on (it will turn off automatically after turned on for 30 seconds) and turned off.
Alarm GO / NO-GO Alarm, the value can be set by the user for Production testing
Memory Manual Data Memory 200 Records
Auto Datalogging Memory 6000 records, the interval can be set from PC
Interface USB PC interface, with software
Operating Temperature 5°C ~ 40°C
Minimum/Maximum Average automatic Calculation Once the data is transferred to the computer the software will calculate the Minimum/Maximum Average from the Top 10 Maximum / Minimum / Average readings
Power Supply External AC 100 ~ 240V to DC 9V/0.5A
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturing Warranty

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