Metravi CTG-02 Coating Thickness Gauge

Product Id : 280372

Metravi CTG-02 Coating thickness gauge is suitable for laboratory, Workshop and Outdoor use. This probe can work on both principles, Magnetic Induction and on the eddy current principle. one probe is required for coating measurement both on ferrous and non-ferrous metal substrates.

Applications: Paint shops, Automobile, Ship building, Aircraft industries.


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Country : United States

Product Description

Metravi CTG-02 Coating thickness gauge works either on the magnetic induction principle or on the eddy current principle, depending on the type of the probe used. This metravi coating gauge measures non-magnetic coating on steel. This Compact and handy gauge is designed for non-destructive fast and precise coating thickness measurements.

Features of Metravi CTG-02 Coating Thickness Gauge:

  • Easy menu driver operation.
  • Memory for 2500 Reading.
  • Delete Single reading and all group  reading easily.
  • Error indication.
  • Disable Auto-power off function via  Menu setting

Additional Information

Manufacturer Metravi
Model CTG-02 Coating Thickness Gauge
Measuring Parameters Ferrous Material, Non Ferrous Material
Measuring Range Ferrous: 0 to 2000um / 0 to 78.7mils, Non Ferrous: 0 to 2000um / 0 to 78.7mils
Tolerance Range Ferrous : ±2%+2um / ±2%+0.08 mils, Non Ferrous: ±2%+2um / ±3%+0.08mils
Minimum Curvature Radius Ferrous: 1.5mm, Non-Ferrous: 3mm
Diameter of Minimum Area Ferrous: 7mm, Non Ferrous: 5mm
Sensor Type Ruby Sensor
Power Source Battery Operated
Battery Alkaline
Display Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
Housing Material IP54
Storage capacity 2500 readings

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