Metravi CET-05 Clamp On Ground Resistance Tester

Product Id : 284685

Metravi CET-05 Clamp on Ground Resistance Tester is a state of the art instrument designed to simplify and enhance ground resistance measurements in various electrical systems and installations. The CET-05 is equipped with a clamp-on design, allowing users to measure ground resistance without the need for ground rods or disconnecting the grounding system. This feature makes it exceptionally convenient for both routine maintenance and troubleshooting.

Applications: Electrical Substations, Industrial Plants, Commercial Buildings, Telecommunications Facilities.


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Country : United States

Product Description

Metravi CET-05 Clamp on Ground Resistance Tester is a cutting-edge instrument designed for efficient and accurate measurement of ground resistance. It is a valuable tool for professionals in electrical engineering, construction, and maintenance, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of grounding systems. This Clamp-On Ground Resistance Tester is an essential device for anyone responsible for ensuring the safety and performance of grounding systems

Features of Metravi CET-05 Clamp on Ground Resistance Tester:

  • Self-test facility. No need to wait a long time to boot. Ready to use immediately after being switched on.
  • Breakthrough relay self-test mode, using the most advanced processing algorithms and digital integration technology, fully intelligent.
  • Handheld device, easy to carry. New design, panel operation with 6 buttons, better performance. Loud sound and light alarms; “beep—beep–beep –” alarm sound.
  • Improved interference signal recognition indicator. Improved anti-jamming capability and test stability. Data storage: 99 Units. Wider range: 0.01Ω-200Ω.
  • Safe, fast and simple to use.
  • Can measure integrated value of the grounding body resistance and the grounding lead resistance.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Metravi
Model No CET-05
Measuring Parameters Ground Resistance
Resistance 0.01Ω to 200Ω
Resistance Resolution 0.01Ω
Resistance Accuracy ±1%
Display Backlit LCD
PC Interface RS232 (Optional)
Jaw Type Elliptical Jaw
Jaw Dia 65mm×32mm
Power Source Battery Operated
Alarm Audio Alarm, Visual Alarm
Certifications CAT-III 150V, EN 50102 Ed 95, EN 60529 Ed 92 IK04, EN-6010-2-032, EN-61010-1, IEC-6010-2-032, IEC-61010-1

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