Mcleod Vacuum Gauge

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Mcleod Gauge with Mercury is the industry-standard vacuum estimating gauge that utilizes a mercury column on a calibrated analog-digital scale and a metallic base stand with a rotating arrangement is provided as a standard supply for fast and accurate measurement.
Applications: Vacuum Pumps, Vacuum Ejectors, Vacuum Systems, Chemical, and Pharma industry for vacuum measurement at reactors, Vacuum Metalizing Plants, Oil Filtration units, etc.

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Country : United States

Product Description

Mcleod Vacuum Gauge comes with a hose nipple connection at the back for connecting the measurement point to the gauge. The Mcleod gauge is rotated by 90° for measuring the vacuum readout. High purity mercury is provides along with giving precise results. The principle behind the McLeod Vacuum Gauge is as follows:
A reference column with reference capillary tube. The reference capillary tube has a point called zero reference point. This reference column is connectes to a bulb and measuring capillary and the place of connection of the bulb with the reference column is known a cut-off point. Below the reference column and the bulb of a Mcleod vacuum gauge, there is a mercury reservoir operates by the piston. A known volume gas (with low pressure) is compress to a smaller volume (with high pressure), and using the resulting volume and pressure, the initial pressure will be calculate. This is the principle behind the McLeod Vacuum gauge operation.
Features of Mcleod Gauge with Mercury: 

  • McLeod Vacuum Gauge has an Analog to Digital Scale Measurement
  • The gauge can be rotates up to a maximum of 90 Degrees
  • Precise Measurement

Additional Information

Weight 2 kg
Manufacturer Ace Instruments
Model AI-MCG-1
Measuring Parameters Vacuum
Select Vacuum Range 1 to 0.001 mm. Hg, 10 to 0.01 mm. Hg
Warranty No Warranty is provided since it is a glass based instrument & hence fragile
Dimension 170 X 10 X 30 mm
Accessories Mercury
Weight 900 Grams

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