Mastercool 98061 Electronic Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge

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Mastercool 98061 Optical Vacuum Gauge in Clam Shell is equipped for the more accurate thermocouple technology usually used in portable tabletop devices. The Mastercool 98061 HVAC micron gauge allows self-calibration, includes a sensor that will never be harmed by tiny oil mists, and enables the user to configure a specific vacuum range with an indication of a light sensor.
Applications: HVAC, Air Conditioning, etc.


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Country : United States

Product Description

Mastercool 98061 Electronic Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge uses thermocouple technologies to incorporate a handheld device. This vacuum gauge is designed with the field atmosphere of the technician in mind, allowing for self-calibration and a sensor that won’t be harmed by tiny oil mists. The Mastercool unit makes programming of a target vacuum range with a light sensor indicator.
Features of  Mastercool 98061 Electronic Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge

  • Mastercool 98061 Digital Vacuum Gauge in Blow Molded Case
  • Highly-accurate thermocouple technology is typically found in tabletop units
  • Allows for self-calibration
  • The sensor will not be damaged by small mists of oil
  • Users may program a target vacuum range with a light sensor indicator

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Manufacturer Mastercool
Model No. 98061
Range 20,000 to 1 micron
Measuring Parameters Gauge Vacuum
Accuracy ATM - 1000 Microns: ±5% of reading ; 1000 - 100 Microns: ±3% of reading ; 100 - 1 Micron: ±1.5% of reading.
Vacuum Units Micron, Torr, mTorr, mmHg, mBar, Pa
Operating Temperature 32 to 120˚F (0 to 45˚C)
Sensor Thermocouple sensor
Battery Life 36 hours
Power 9V DC battery (AC/DC Adapter Optional)
Response Time 250 mSec

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