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Differential Pressure Transmitter, ABB 266DHHABB-266DHH-Differential-Pressure-Transmitter

ABB 266DHH Differential Pressure Transmitter maximum working pressure of up to 5MPa (725psi). This pressure transmitter becomes the right solution for clean process fluids (generally water and clean oils). The pressure transmitter performance exceeds the expectations of direct-mounted diaphragm seal versions of differential pressure transmitters.

Applications: Domestic, Process engineering, Chemical industry, Petrochemical industry Applications.

100 in stock ABB Differential Pressure Transmitter, ABB DP TransmitterABB Differential Pressure Transmitter, ABB DP Transmitter

ABB 266DSH Differential Pressure Transmitter includes an in-field replaceable hardware module that because of the auto-arrangement usefulness drastically enhances plant efficiency. Its instinctive fitting and-play show with simple setup technique truly helps clients by sparing time.

Applications: Domestic, Process engineering, Chemical industry, Petrochemical industry Applications.

100 in stock ABB 266HSH Pressure TransmitterABB 266HSH Pressure Transmitter

ABB 266HSH Pressure Transmitter is a high overload pressure transmitter that works with maximum working pressure up to 105Mpa, 15225 psi which is suitable for measuring liquid, gas, or steam pressure in a pipe or on an open tank. The communication option for ABB 266HSH includes Modbus®, along with 4-20mA HART, low-power 1-5V HART, Wireless HART, Profibus, and Foundation Fieldbus.
Applications: Panel Meter, Switches, Pumps, PLC, etc.



ABB 266NSH High Overload Absolute Pressure Transmitter with an integrated safety system for high overload. Model 266NSH is suitable for a wide range of options that require complete versatility to optimize the cost-effective aspect while providing a reliable solution for all those applications that are characterized by critical process media at extended temperature ranges.

Applications: HVAC, Process vessels, Pipelines.

100 in stock ABB Universal Process Controller,Universal Process ControllerABB Universal Process Controller,Universal Process Controller

ABB CM10 Universal Process Controller is an adaptable, 1/8 DIN, universal PID process controller. Scalable in both hardware and software functionality, a universal process controller can be determined easily to meet the needs of your application requirements. Adaptable control usefulness including on / off, time proportioning, analog PID, split output control and math & rational make the CM10 appropriate for a wide range of process applications. The control master universal process controller is an adaptable, 1/8 DIN, universal PID process controller.

Applications: R&D Labs, Automation Industry, Instrumentation Industry, and HVAC Applications.

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ABB CM15 Process Indicator is a universal process indicator bundled with features 1/8 DIN. A crystal-clear, full-color TFT monitor tells operators exactly what they need to learn, and offers full-text operating menus, making the CM15 simple and intuitive to use.

Applications: Pharmaceuticals, laboratories, manufacturing, etc.


99 in stock ABB CM30 Universal Process ControllerABB CM30 Universal Process Controller

ABB CM30 Universal Process Controller is reasonable for extensive varieties of process applications. It completely configurable by means of the simple to-explore front board menus or PC arrangement programming, the process controller can be dispatched quickly and then tuned via the advanced autotune capability. It accompanies MODBUS, PROFIBUS and Ethernet correspondence choices guarantee simple to mix into a control framework.

Applications: Industrial, Laboratory and HVAC Applications


ABB Electro-Pneumatic Positioner is an electronically configurable positioner with communication capabilities designed for mounting to pneumatic linear or rotary actuators. It features a small and compact design, a modular construction, and an excellent cost-performance ratio. Fully automatic determination of the control parameters and adaptation to the final control element yield considerable time savings and optimal control behavior.

Applications: Linear Cylinder, Diaphragm,throttling, Rotary actuator device.


ABB FEP311 Electromagnetic Flowmeter Processmaster is a best-in-class flow measurement tool designed necessarily to target the increased requirements for advanced flow meters. The modular design model offers versatility, cost-saving operation, and reliability while offering a long service life and extremely low maintenance.

Application: chemical, fuel, oil & gas, pulp & paper, and metals & mining.

100 in stock ABB I/P Signal ConverterABB I/P Signal Converter

ABB I/P Signal Converter with various housing is available for cabinet installation, field installation, rail installation, and slide-in type. The signal conversion is based on standard signals. Current signals(0/4 to 20 mA) are converted to pressure signals(0.2 to 1 bar or 3 to 15 psi).

Applications: Industrial and HVAC Applications.

99 in stock ABB TTF200, ABB, Temperature TransmitterABB TTF200, ABB, Temperature Transmitter

ABB TTF200 Temperature Transmitter is a universal input smart temperature transmitter. It is designed for setting, in order to meet the specific application requirement of measuring low-level signals from thermocouples (THC), resistance thermometer (RTD), resistance (ohm), or EMF (mV) sources.

Applications: Air economizers, Outdoor temperature, Pool room temperature monitoring, and building ducts.



ABB TTF300 Field mounted Temperature Transmitter are developed and tested series of ABB with lightweight and reliable field mounted temperature transmitters are accommodated in field housings with optional indicators.

Applications: Temperature & process indication, Plastics molding/extrusion temperature monitoring, Heat treatment – furnace temperature monitoring,