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Ethernet AI-CL4-ETH Clock with Time Synchronization

ACE instruments make Ethernet Clock with Windows Based Time Synchronization Software AI-CL4-ETH is appropriate for all Pharma Clean Room.


Bulk Drug and PharmaAPI units, Residential building edifices, Hospitals, Hotels, Multistoried buildings, Industrial, Railways, Airports, Banks, Software improvement organizations and business house applications


Ethernet Date and Time Clock

Ethernet Date and Time Clock with date have 6 Displays (HH:MM:SS) of 2.5″ tallness for time and 8 shows (DD-MM-YY) of 1.5″ Height for the date. And are reasonable for all Server Time.

Applications: Used in Pharma Clean Rooms, Brokerages, Banks, Hotels, Hospitals, multi-storied workplaces, time workplaces, railroads and air terminals, and so on