HTC Sound Level Meter SL 1350

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HTC Sound Level Meter SL 1350 is a handheld meter used to measure acoustic of sound level in an environment. It comes with an installed microphone that detects the sound level and a digital display screen to display the readings. This sound level meter provides a wide detection range of 30 decibels to 130 decibels with an incredible accuracy of ±1 decibels

Applications: Noise at Work/Occupational Noise and Environmental and Community

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Country : United States

Product Description

HTC Sound Level Meter SL 1350 is commonly used for detecting noise pollution or different kinds of noise, especially in industrial, environmental and aircraft industries. The display is a 10mm LCD and gives you the low battery indication whenever the battery level is low. The HTC sound level meter features Auto and manual shutdown, ‘A’, ‘C’ or ‘Flat’ weighing with slow/fast response, Alarm output: A LED optional relay output and backlight. The product comes with a hard carrying case and instruction manual which should be read carefully before use.

Features of HTC Sound Level Meter SL 1350:

  • Auto Manual Shutdown
  • Low Battery indicator
  • Optional RS-232 Communication
  • Alarm Volume o/p : 30 ~ 130db
  • Alarm o/p: LED Optional Relay Output
  • Backlight

Measuring Parameters:

  • LP: Current Sound pressure Level
  • Leq: Equivalent continuous Asound pressure level(i.e.Arithmatically mean value in a period of time set )
  • LN: Statistic analysis i.e. the percentage of all measured values which is Greater than or equal to the alarm         value that is set by the user


Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Manufacturer HTC
Model SL 1350
Measuring Parameters Frequency, Leq (Equivalent continuous Asound pressure level), LN (Statistic analysis i.e. % of all measured values which is Greater than or equal to the alarm value (Alarm set by user)), LP (Current Sound pressure Level)
Frequency 31.5Hz ~ 8kHz
LP 30~130dB (A) 35~130dB (C) 35~130dB (F)
Accuracy_1 1dB
Resolution 0.1dB
Leq 30~130dB 10Sec/1min/5min/10min/ 15min/30min/1hr/8hr/24hr
Accuracy 1dB
Resolution 0.1dB
LN 0~100%
Accuracy_11 1dB
Resolution 0.1dB
Memory Max. Value(30 groups)
Alarm 30 ~ 130dB, Electron, LED Optional Relay output
Power  4 x 1.5V AAA (UM-4 Battery)
DC Output 0 ~ 1.3V 10mV/db
Calibration 94dB in Full calibration at (1KHz)
Dimensions 236 X 63 X 26 mm


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