Honeywell C7080A2100 Temperature Sensor

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Honeywell C7080A2100 Temperature Sensor is a direct wired temperature sensor that is used to sense discharge or return air in a duct. It has a temperature range of 0 to 50°C and an accuracy of ±0.5°C. The sensor has a rugged 14mm diameter stainless steel insertion probe and mounts on a flat duct or plenum surface.



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Country : United States

Product Description

Honeywell C7080A2100 Temperature Sensor is a highly accurate and reliable temperature sensor that is designed for use in a variety of applications, including HVAC/R systems, building automation systems, and industrial processes. The sensor is housed in a rugged and durable stainless steel probe, making it ideal for use in harsh environments.

Features of Honeywell C7080A2100 Temperature Sensor:

  • Sensors for electronic control systems, both primary and secondary
  • Temp Sensor NTC10K, NTC20K, Pt1000.
  • You can install it on a flat duct or plenum surface, or for plenum-rated purposes, within a standard utility conduit box.
  • Rugged 14mm diameter stainless steel insertion probe

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Manufacturer Honeywell
Model No C7080A
Temperature Range 0 to 50°C
Nominal value NTC10K 10,000Ω@2 5℃, NTC20K 20,000Ω@25℃, Pt1000 1,000Ω@0℃.
Accuracy NTC10K ±0.2K at 25°C, NTC20K ±0.2K at 25°C, Pt1000 T = ±(0.3 + 0.005 x ItI) [t in °C] acc. to EN 60 751 Class B.
Sensitivity Pt1000: 3.85Ω /K (between 0 and 100°C)
Response Time t < 45s (63%, air velocity 5m/s)
Dimensions 300 x 14 x60 mm

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