Greystone CMD5B4000 Carbon Monoxide Monitor

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Greystone CMD5B4000 Carbon Monoxide Monitor is a device used to measure carbon Monoxide with a superior electrochemical sensor to monitor the carbon monoxide level and outputs a field-selectable 4-20 mA. This Carbon Monoxide Monitor is easy to install and use, and a front-panel LCD is standard. Additional standard features include the LCD’s backlight, a test switch on the front panel, a status indicator, and an alarm buzzer. A digital input signal can also be used to remotely control the test function.
Applications: Industrial and laboratory, HVAC, and Duct Units


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Country : United States

Product Description

Greystone CMD5B4000 Carbon Monoxide Monitor uses an electrochemical sensor to monitor the carbon monoxide level and outputs a field-selectable 4-20mA or voltage signal
Features of Carbon Monoxide Monitor:

  • LCD Display: Displays PPM and menu parameters
  • Long-life electrochemical sensor
  • Space ABS
  • No Relay

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Manufacturer Greystone
Model No CMD5B4000
Sensor Type Electrochemical Sensor
Sensor Agency Approvals Sensor is UL Recognized Component for ANSI/UL-2034, UL-2075, E240671
Measuring Range 0-100, 150, 300, 400, or 500 PPM
Accuracy_1 ±5 PPM or 5% of reading (whichever is greater)
Operating Temperature -20˚ to 50˚C (-4˚ to 122˚F)
Operating Humidity 15 to 95% RH
Life Expectancy 5-7 years in air
Sample Method Diffusion or flow through sample tube for duct mounted models
Response Time <35 seconds for 90% step change
Power Supply 24 Vdc ± 20% or 24 Vac ± 10% (non-isolated half-wave rectied)
Power Consumption 100 mA max. with all options on
Status LED 2 color (red/green) on front panel
Test Switch Performs I/O tests, front panel and remote connection
Buzzer Alarm 85 db @ 10 cm
Buzzer Trip Point Programmable 20-500 ppm in 10 ppm increments
Buzzer Delay Programmable 0-10 minutes in 1 minute increments
Dimensions 145 x 101 x 64mm (5.7”w x 4”h x 2.5”d)
Weight Approx. 300 g

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