GER Detect Titan GER1000 Underground Gold, Metals and Treasures Detector

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GER Detect Titan GER1000 Underground Gold, Metals and Treasures Detector is a great instrument for accurately identifying underground gold, buried treasures, ancient monuments, graves, caves, and tombs in the ground.

Applications: Mineral exploration, underground gold, metal’s and treasure detection, caves archaeology.

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Country : United States

Product Description

GER Detect Titan GER1000 Underground Gold, Metals, and Treasures Detector performs 5 different search operations in one device. Titan GER 1000 has a long-range system covering 45 meters underground and 2500 meters front range. It is an intranational compliant device with a metal-based search system and can work on any terrain. GER 1000 has a high accuracy 3D imaging technology and can illustrate the object from all directions

Features of Titan GER 1000:

  • Five search systems: Long range system, ionic system search (searching for ionic fields), Magnetometer (for iron and iron ores), pulse induction system (for deep penetration).
  • Compact size and easy to move around.
  • Ability to identify the depth of the object.
  • TITAN GER 1000 is an international complaint European certified device.

Additional Information

Weight 6 kg
Manufacturer GER Detect
Model Titan GER 1000
Range Underground - 45 Meters, Front - 2500 Meters
Display 480 x 270 Pixel
Research System 5 systems, including imaging and sensor
Made in Germany
Charge Time 4 hours
Communication Modes Bluetooth
Operating System Compatibility WINDOWS 8.1
Coil Frequency 350 Hz
Frequency 120 MHz
Processor Speed 40 MHz
Detector Crystal Speed 20 MHz
Touch Screen Speed 20 MHz
Battery 12.6 V/4A
Battery Life 10 hours
Warranty 2 Years Manufacturing Warranty
Weight 5 Kg (with accessories)

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