Food Storage Datalogger

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Food Storage Datalogger is a compact and reliable temperature monitoring device designed to record temperature data over time. It offers precise measurements and a user-friendly interface, making it suitable for diverse applications in industries where temperature control is critical.

Application: Food Transportation, Vaccine Transportations, Refrigerated Freight, Hospital & Refrigerated Warehouse.

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Country : United States

Product Description

Food Storage Datalogger is an advanced temperature monitoring solution engineered to capture and store temperature data accurately. Featuring a compact design and durable construction, this device is equipped with high-precision sensors capable of measuring temperature variations within a specified range. The RC-17 is particularly valuable in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food storage, logistics, and transportation, where maintaining optimal temperature conditions is crucial for preserving product quality and safety.

Features of Elitech Food Storage Datalogger:

  • Equipped with high-precision temperature sensors, it provides accurate and reliable temperature measurements, ensuring data accuracy.
  • The RC-17 datalogger is capable of measuring temperatures within a wide range, allowing it to be used in various environments and applications.
  • The RC-17 features an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, making it simple for users to set parameters, start data logging, and retrieve recorded information effortlessly.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Elitech
Model No RC-17
Measuring Parameters Temperature
Sensor Type Internal Temp
Temperature Range -30° C to 70° C
Temperature Accuracy ±0.5℃
Resolution 0.1 °C
Memory Capacity Maximum 16,000 Points
Recording Period 30 up to 180 Days
Logging Interval 10 Seconds to 24 Hours
Power Supply CR2450 Button Cell
Software 1. Elitechlog for MacOS & Windows system; 2. Online webpage configuration
Report Generation Auto PDF report, PDF/EXCEL/TXT via ElitechLog Software
Communication and Data Download USB2.0
Logging Mode Stop when full, periodic Record
Alarm LED Indicators for quick screening
Protection grade IP67
Certifications EN12830,CE,RoHS
Weight 20g
Dimension 93x58x8mm

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