Fluke 941 Light Meter

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Fluke 941 Light Meter is a handheld lux meter that helps to measure visible light sent from different light sources, to include fluorescent, high-pressure sodium, metal halide, or incandescent lamps. This Digital Lux Meter is a Portable and user friendly to use wherever as per user requirements.
Applications: Cleanroom operators, Farmers, HVAC suppliers, Room illumination assessment as part of Environmental Health and Safety reviews.

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Country : United States

Product Description

Fluke 941 Light Meter is a handheld tool for accurate measurement of light in different environments. This Lux Meter can measure light up to 20,000 FC of lux with an accuracy of 0.01 FC/LUX.
Features Of Fluke 941 :

  • One button to switch between lux or foot-candles in display options
  • Fluke 941 can measure up to 20,000 lux or foot candles
  • Data can be held on the display using the data hold function.
  • Min/max ability to show high and low readings
  • Auto power off to save battery life
  • Includes protective sensor cap

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Manufacturer Fluke
Model No 941
Measuring Parameters LUX
Range 20, 200, 2000, 20000, 200000 Lux 20, 200, 2000, 20000FC (footcandle)
Precision 30°±2%, 60 °±6 %, 80 °±25 %, Cosine angle corrected according to the grade A general specifications of JIS C 1609:1993 and CNS 5119 A, ±3% (at 2854°K - calibrated by the common incandescent lamp), ±6% other visible light sources Cosine error
Sampling Rate 2.5 times/second for the digital display
Display 3.5 digit 1999-point LCD screen
Sensor Type Silicon photoelectric diode and optical filter
Battery 9V battery, about 200 hours of battery life
Power Supply 9V NEDA 1604, IEC 6LR61
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Dimension (Sensor) 80 X 55 X 29 mm
Dimensions 130 X 63 X 38 mm
Weight 220 Grams

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