Fluke 179 True-RMS Digital Multimeter

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Fluke 179 True-RMS Digital Multimeter is a high precision multimeter for troubleshooting electrical and electronic systems. It measures True-RMS AC current and voltage plus frequency, capacitance, resistance, continuity and diode checks. It also supports a backlit digital display, analog bar graph, and built-in temperature measurements with the help of thermocouple sensor.

Applications: Industrial and Laboratories

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Country : United States

Product Description

Fluke 179 True-RMS Digital Multimeter is a preferred and reliable solution for professional technicians around the world as it accurately measures the voltage up to 1000 Volts and temperature range 400°C which makes it durable for most of the applications. It also has many extra functions such as Auto-ranging, Auto Hold, MIN/MAX/Avg. recording

Features Of Fluke True-RMS Digital Multimeter:

  • A full-featured, precision Multimeter for troubleshooting electrical and electronic systems
  • Delivers accurate true-RMS AC current and voltage plus frequency, capacitance, resistance, continuity, and diode measurements
  • Increases productivity with manual and automatic ranging, Display Hold, Auto Hold, and Min/Max-average recording
  • Includes a built-in thermometer to measure temperature without having to carry a separate instrument

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Manufacturer Fluke
Model No 179
Measuring Parameters AC Current, AC Voltage, Capacitance, DC Current, DC Voltage, Frequency, Resistance
DC Voltage 1000 V
Accuracy_1 ±(0.09% + 2)
Resolution_1 0.1 mV
AC Voltage 1000 V
Accuracy_2 ±(1.0% + 3)
Resolution_2 0.1 mV
DC Current 10A
Accuracy_3 ±(1.0% + 3)
Resolution_3 0.01 mA
AC Current 10 A
Accuracy_4 ±(1.5% + 3)
Resolution_4 0.01 mA
Resistance 50 MΩ
Accuracy_5 ±(0.9% + 1)
Resolution_5 0.1 Ω
Capacitance 9999uF
Accuracy_6 ±(1.2% + 2)
Resolution_6 1 nF
Frequency 100 kHz
Accuracy_7 ±(0.1% + 1)
Resolution_7 0.01 Hz
Temperature -40°C to 400°C
Accuracy_8 ±(1.0% + 10)
Resolution_8 0.1°C
Operating Temperature -10 °C to + 50 °C
Storage Temperature -30°C to +60°C
Relative Humidity 0% – 70% (35°C – 50°C), 0% – 90% (0°C – 35°C)
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturing Warranty
Weight 420 Grams
Dimension 43 X 90 X 185 mm

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