ACE Ethernet Date and Time Clock

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ACE Ethernet Date and Time Clock with date have 6 Displays (HH:MM:SS) of 2.5″ tallness for time and 8 shows (DD-MM-YY) of 1.5″ Height for the date. And are reasonable for all Server Time.

Applications: Used in Pharma Clean Rooms, Brokerages, Banks, Hotels, Hospitals, multi-storied workplaces, time workplaces, railroads and air terminals, and so on

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Country : United States

Product Description

ACE Ethernet Digital Date And Time Clock show straightforwardly the Server Time utilizing the front end programming for stacking the TCP/IP Settings and in this way speaking with the Server for coordinate server time. Time is precisely kept up by the in-manufactured battery reinforcement time which empowers the exact time notwithstanding when the Server/PC is turned off or under upkeep. The Digital Ethernet Date and Time Clocks accompany the choice of independent Ethernet Clocks wherein every ethernet clock is just connected to the Network and time is synchronized naturally with the Server Time. Alternatively, the Synchronization is between a Master Ethernet Clock and numerous Slave timekeepers over RS 485/Wireless RF. The front end time synchronization programming empowers the utilization of these timekeepers to show the season of different nations associated with a solitary server. Ethernet Clocks are accessible with the alternative of Flameproof Enclosures for use in the Pharma/Bulk Drugs/Petrochemicals industry. Modified answers for the amount prerequisites can be actualized rapidly as a result of in-house R and D and outline capacities.

Features of ACE Ethernet Date and Time Clock:

  • Shows Time in HH:MM: SS, 24 hrs format
  • Shows date in DD:MM: YYYY format
  • Bright Red display
  • Overall stainless steel hosting

Additional Information

Weight 2.5 kg
Manufacturer Ace Instruments
Accuracy_1 Standard Ethernet Server Time accurate to +/- 1 second. In absence of Ethernet communication, +/-60 Seconds per year
Display 6 Displays (HH:MM:SS) of 2.5” height for time & 8 displays (DD:MM:YYYY) of 1.5” Height for date calendar
Input 24 V.D.C. 500 mA/ Optional 230 V.A.C. , 50 Hz.
Enclosure Mild Steel Powder Coated with Stainless Steel Front Flush Plate for Wall Mounting
Keys In built keypad for time input in case of Communication Failure
Time Display Format HH: MM: SS, 24 Hours Time Format
Date Display format DD:MM:YY
Protection class Overall stainless steel hosting
Communication RS 485 Propreitory Communication between Master & Slave Clocks
Software Front End software for TCP/IP Settings over Ethernet LAN. Ships with Windows Based Time Synchronisation Software
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturing Warranty
Dimensions 220 X 390 X 45 mm
Weight Approx. 2.0 Kg

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