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Ace AI-IAQ Indoor Air Quality Monitor

ACE AI-IAQ Indoor Air Quality Monitor is used to measure vital air quality parameters like temperature humidity and carbon dioxide. The inbuilt High-performance NDIR sensors and circuits ensures accurate measurement with real-time monitoring. This Room Air Quality Monitor is equipped with Remote monitoring/controlling feature with RS485 Modbus communication.

Applications: Commercial Buildings, Offices, Smart Homes, Medical Lab, Patient Room, Green House, Warehouse, Hospitals, chilly chains, Food Industry, R&D Labs.


Ace AI-RHTx Temperature And Humidity Transmitter

Ace AI-RHTx Temperature and Humidity Transmitter is a wall-mounted Humi-Temp Indicator that measures and simultaneously displays parameter readings in Red LED display. The Temperature and Humidity Transmitter has an optional output of 2 X 4-20 mA, one each for both Temperature and Relative Humidity.

Applications: Pharma Clean Rooms, HVAC, Hospital Isolation Rooms and Hospital Operation Theatres


Cold Storage Temperature Monitor

Cold Storage Temperature Monitor is a conventional monitor in cold storage & frozen food facility applications for checking temperature which all the while measures, shows and alarms client about the temperature in cold storage units and frozen food facilities.

Applications: Medical, Pharma, Food & Beverages, Storage Type(Ports, Bulks stores, Production stores)


Server Room Temperature and Humidity Monitor

Server Room Temperature and Humidity Monitor is a wall mounting temperature & humidity monitor that simultaneously measures and displays the parameter readings in the Red LED display. With the in-built alarm system provided in the monitor alerts the user about the violation of critical parameters of temperature & humidity in IT Infrastructure Facilities and Data Center Applications.

Application: Server Room, UPS Room, Battery Room, Datacenter Facilities, Ware Houses.