Elitech WT-5 Pen Type Solar Energy Thermometer

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Elitech WT-5 Pen Type Solar Energy Thermometer is best suited to get accurate measurements of hot and cold beverages like coffee, milk, etc. This Cooking Thermometer can also measure food when it is boiling, heating or cooling, that suits for any home or professional kitchen.

Application: BBQ and meat cooking, Jam making, Brewing, Winemaking, Cake making, Bread making, Fudge making, Chocolate making, Refrigeration, Laboratory use.

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Country : United States

Product Description

Elitech WT-5 Pen Type Solar Energy Thermometer gives complete peace of mind when cooking so u can ensure the meat and poultry are safely cooked through. The WT-5 Pen’s long stainless steel probes fully waterproof and easy to clean, Fits easily in kitchen draws. mainly used in the foodstuff and medicine industry.

Features of Elitech WT-5 Pen Type Solar Energy Thermometer:

  • Pen styled, portable, lengthened metal probe.
  • Solar power supply with standby battery.
  • Attractive appearance
  • 180° head rotating for easy reading
  • switch between℃ and °F
  • Elitech Solar Energy Thermometer can accurately measure the temperature of beverage, milk, and food when it is boiling, heating or cooling.


Additional Information

Weight 1.000 kg
Manufacturer Elitech
Model No WT-5
Measuring Parameters Temperature
Temperature -50℃ to -150℃
Accuracy ±1℃ : For(-20℃-80℃), ±2℃ : For (-50℃-20℃, 80℃-120℃), ±3℃ : For(120℃-150℃)
Resolution 0.1
Display 180 Degrees rotable head with clear LCD Dsiplay
Power Supply solar battery and LR44 battery
Response Time 10 sec
Dimensions 170 X 43 X 23.6 mm
Weight 50 Grams

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