Elitech LogEt 6 Temperature Datalogger

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Elitech Log Et 6 Temperature Datalogger is mainly used to record the temperature of food in storage and transportation. Log Et 6 helps users to accurately monitor the whole process to indicate whether food is safe and fresh.

Application: Cold chain management, Food storage, Transportation, Warehouses, Refrigerants, Reefer Ships & Fridge Ships.

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Product Description

Elitech LogEt 6 Temperature Datalogger is a single-use temperature data logger with a built-in NTC thermistor. The simple design with IP65 protection makes LogEt 6 a perfect choice for most cold chain management processes. Elitech Temperature Datalogger features an LCD screen display for easy reading and a single-use 3.6V Lithium battery that lasts for 2 years, enabling it to use for long-duration shipments.
Features Of Elitech Temperature Datalogger:
• This Single-use temperature data logger has 16,000 recording points, up to 2 years of working life
• A wide measuring range: -22℉~158℉; accuracy:±0.9℉.
• A built-in USB connector, no cable or reader required to download data or generate a PDF report
• 4 different customizable alarm settings, provide flexible ways to monitor, ship, and store temperature-sensitive products.
• Powerful LCD indication, easy to view temperature data, alarm status, etc.
• IP65 protection grade and up to 5 temperature alarms, suitable to use on temperature-sensitive products such as foods, drugs, etc.

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Manufacturer Elitech
Model No LogEt 6
Measuring Parameters Temperature
Temperature -30℃ to 70℃
Accuracy 0.5°C
Resolution 0.1°C
Memory capacity (values) 16000 readings (MAX)
Sampling Interval 10 Sec. up to 24 hours
Alarm Type Single alarm or cumulative
Logging Interval 10 seconds~24hours
Report Generation PDF Format
Configuration User Configurable
IP Rating IP65
Interface USB port. USB cable is included
Battery single-use lithium battery
Calibration Calibration certificate is provided alongwith the instrument.
Protection class IP67
Start Modes Button or software
Stop Modes By Button, software or stop when full
Dimensions 128 X 67 X 57mm
Weight 40 Grams

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