E+E EE75 Air and Gas Velocity Sensor

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Country : United States

Product Description

E+E EE75 Air and Gas Velocity Sensor is high-end air velocity sensor device element operates on the hot film anemometer principle and which stands out by high sensitivity even at terribly low air speed and high intensity to pollution. The robust sensing probe and enclosure give EE75 use in harsh industrial surroundings moreover as in applications with pressure rating up to 10 bar (145 psi). Beside measuring air velocity and temperature, EE75 calculates the volumetric rate of flow in m³/h or ft³/min based on the cross section of the duct, with associate appropriate works correction. The EE75 will be wont to live the rate of various non-flammable and non-corrosive gases.

Features of E+E EE75 Air and Gas Velocity Sensor: 

  1. The EE75 is high accuracy.
  2. Exhaust systems, exhaust hoods and glove boxes in the pharmaceutical, bio and semiconductor industries.
  3. Filter monitoring and laminar flow control in cleanrooms.

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Manufacturer Elektronik
Model EE75
Measuring Parameters gas velocity, Air Flow Velocity
Temperature -0.01 °C
Accuracy ±0.5 °C
Response Time 10 sec
Supply voltage 24 V DC/AC ± 20 %
Current consumption max. 100 mA; max. 160 mA
Connection screw terminals max. 1.5 mm2
Pressure Model E pressure tight up to 10 bar
Enclosure IP65

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