Demron C Radiation Suit

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Demron C Radiation Suit Radiation Shield Technologies introduces Demron C reusable, full-body, anti-viral personal-protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers, first responders, and other high-risk individuals at the frontlines of any pandemic. Demron C is differentiated as the only reusable PPE, thereby eliminating the need to replace the traditional single-use continuously. These disposable garments are in scarce supply in today’s healthcare crisis.
Applications: Nuclear labs,  Metals testing, Radiation testing labs, First responders, etc.

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Country : United States

Product Description

Demron C Radiation Suit is an advanced radiological protective garment designed to shield against various forms of ionizing radiation. Made with a proprietary blend of innovative materials, it offers unparalleled protection while remaining lightweight and flexible for ease of movement. The suit’s ergonomic design ensures comfort during extended wear, and its moisture-wicking, breathable interior enhances the overall user experience. Providing full-body coverage, including a hood, torso, arms, and legs, the suit offers comprehensive protection in radiation-exposed environments. Additionally, it offers limited protection against chemical and biological agents, making it suitable for multi-hazard scenarios. Tested and certified to meet international standards, the Demron C Suit is a durable and reusable solution for professionals working in high-risk radiation environments.

Features of Demron C Radiation Suit

  • 1. ASTM F1671 Certified Antiviral Protection. The only protective antiviral suit that is both impermeable to fluids and breathable. This enables continuous daily use with minimal heat stress.
  •  Reusable. A cost-effective, multi-use solution helping reduce the infection risk of healthcare workers and first responders, enabling them to stay longer in the workforce.
  •  Lightweight, cool, and comfortable
  •  Thermo conductive: heat stress reduction
  • Cost-effective solution: multi-use solution helping reduce the infection risk of healthcare workers and first responders, enabling them to stay longer in the workforce.

Options & Accessories

  • CBRN mask

Additional Information

Weight 3 kg
Manufacturer RST Demron
Model CBRN Suit, Demron™ Nuclear/RDD/IED Shield, Demron™ Radiation Crew Protection Blanket
Note Please refer datasheet for additional information (Contact store for Customization)

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