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100 in stock Testo 103 Food ThermometerTesto 103 Food Thermometer Online

Testo 103 Food Thermometer is the smallest folding food thermometer in its class – making it perfect for carrying out spot checks in the food industry which can also be used where food is sold, stored, or processed. Testo Food Thermometer can also be used for measuring the core temperature of foodstuffs.

Applications: Canteens, Commercial kitchens, Cold storage rooms and Supermarkets, Catering services for checking the quality and hygiene standards.

100 in stock Testo 104 IR Food Safety ThermometerTesto 104 IR Food Safety Thermometer

Testo 104 IR food safety thermometer is ideal for carrying out temperature checks in the food industry. This Multi-use Infrared and penetration thermometer feature folding mechanism, which makes it fit snugly in any pocket and could be available whenever you need it, to carry out checks on Import/Export goods, spot-checking during transport or food inspections in the Food/Retail industry.

Applications: Food transport trucks, refrigerators, Food Industries, hotels & restaurants, etc.

50 in stock testo 105 food thermometerTesto 105 Food Thermometer

Testo 105 digital food thermometer can be used to measure the core temperature of semi-solids like meat, cheese, and jellies. The probe sensor included makes it easy to insert into non-frozen and liquid form food. There is also an optional probe to measure the core temperature of frozen foods to ensure that temperatures are within given thresholds.

Applications: Food production, checking received goods, catering services, canteen kitchens, cold storage rooms, and supermarkets.

Testo 106 food thermometerTesto 106 Food Thermometer

Testo 106 Food Thermometer enables fast, accurate measurement of the core temperature of the food or other semi-solid products like meat, cheese, etc. It can take up to two measurements in a second. This testo food thermometer is perfect for quick checks during food Processing.

Applications: In industrial kitchens, catering, restaurant chains, Food retail sector, Supermarkets, while food is in transit.

50 in stock Testo 108 Digital Food ThermometerTesto 108 Digital Food Thermometer

Testo 108 Digital Food Thermometer is best for measuring temperatures at super-fast spot checks and reliable results during food production, processing, and storage.

Applications: Checking Food Packets, Super Markets, Meat Processing and Ideal for use during transport or storage of food, in restaurants, canteen kitchens or system catering.

100 in stock Testo 115i Clamp ThermometerTesto 115i Clamp Thermometer

Testo 115I thermometer is a handy clamp thermometer in combination with a smartphone or tablet it is best suited for service and error detection on air conditioning and refrigeration system. In addition to this, it can also measure flow and return temperatures.

Applications: Electrical Industries

4 in stock Testo 174H Temperature And Humidity Mini Data LoggerTesto 174H Temperature And Humidity Mini Data Logger

Testo 174 H Temperature And Humidity Mini Data Logger is a compact, accurate, reliable device which measures and logs temperature and relative humidity of storage rooms and offices without interruption of the functionality, with a memory for up to 16,000 readings and an easy-to-read display that shows the current reading as well as any breached thresholds.

Applications: Food Industry, Pharmaceuticals Industry, Refrigerator Trucks, Reefer ships, Reefer cars, Refrigerator ships, Warehouse etc.

100 in stock Testo 175H1 temperature and humidity data loggerTesto 175 H1 – Temperature and Humidity Data Logger, Testo

Testo 175 H1 Temperature And Humidity Data Logger measures, monitors and logs the temperature and relative humidity in buildings and closed rooms. The Testo data logger can monitor the indoor climate in buildings, storage facilities, and archives and help create a comfortable climate in the workplace.

Applications: Buildings, Storage facilities

100 in stock 2-imageTesto 175 T2 Temperature Data Logger

Testo 175 T2  Two-Channel Temperature Data Logger is ideally suited if you want to use a single instrument to monitor air temperature and at the same time record additional temperature value on a second channel.

Applications: Cold Storage Rooms, Warehouses, Food processing & Medical industries.

100 in stock Testo 175T1 Single Channel Temperature Data LoggerTesto 175T1 Single Channel Temperature Data Logger

Testo 175T1 Single Channel Temperature Data Logger is ideal for monitoring storage temperatures & long-term monitoring. Testo temperature data logger is certified for use in food environments & measures with logs temperatures constantly and reliably.

Applications: Clean rooms, Pharmaceutical validations, Refrigerators, Shipping vans, Freezers, Shipping crates, Cargo vessels, Warehouses, Storage areas, etc.

3 in stock Testo 175T3 Temperature Data LoggerTesto 175T3 Temperature Data Logger

Testo 175T3 Temperature Data Logger with its two external thermocouple probes is best suited when for recording temperatures at two locations in parallel: for example when measuring the flow and return temperature on radiators.

Applications: Food Industry, Warehouse, Pharmaceuticals Industry, Refrigerator Trucks, Reefer ships, Reefer cars, Refrigerator ships

100 in stock Testo 176 T1 Temperature Data LoggerTesto 176 T1 Temperature Data Logger

Testo 176 T1 Temperature Data Logger can monitor the temperature, even in extreme conditions, with a highly accurate Pt100 temperature sensor. This Testo temperature data logger can precisely document the temperature status over a longer period of time. Its robust metal housing makes it particularly suitable for industrial environments.

Applications: Frozen storage areas, Cold storage, etc