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Honeywell CDS2000A1000C Carbon Dioxide Gas Detector

Honeywell Carbon Dioxide Gas Detector is used to detect CO2 gas in the atmosphere mostly used IAQ(Indoor Air Quality) applications, which is intended to distinguish carbon dioxide gas in the air. This co2 detector has good resolution by NDIR method, compact size, and easy installation

Applications: Ventilation of buildings, Houses, HVAC, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, and so forth.


Honeywell BW Solo Oxygen Gas Detector

Honeywell BW Solo Oxygen Gas Detector with all the essential approvals provides quick readings display that alerts workers in hazardous-area which in return helps companies to respond faster. Similar kinds of single gas detectors of other gases like H2S, O2, CO, NO, ETO, SO2, H2, NO2, ClO2, NO2, ClO2. are also available.

Applications: Steelworks, Petrochemical plant, Mining, Power supply works, Sewage treatment plant, Hermetically-sealed area (manhole, tank).


Honeywell BW™ MicroClip Series Gas Detector

Honeywell BW™ MicroClip Series Gas Detector has a 4 gas locator that is used to perceive hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, and carbon monoxide. This accompanies the rating of IP68 for unmatched water affirmation as long as 45 minutes at a depth of 1.2 m. So anyone can be confident it will face challenging conditions.

Applications: Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry, Industrial Safety, Confined Space Entry, Hazmat/Homeland Security, Chemical Plants.


Honeywell DC1000 Series Digital PID Controller

Honeywell DC1000 Series Digital PID Controller to cater to all kind of industrial control needs such as Temperature, Pressure, flow, Level controls.

Applications: Dryers, Semiconductor packaging /testing, Plastic processing, Packaging machinery, Painting and coating Industries.


Honeywell GasAlert Max XT II Multi Gas Detector with Inbuilt Pump

Honeywell GasAlert Max XT II Multi-Gas Detector is a smart, basic, economical way to compliance. Where Laborers feel safe and incidents are minimized so everyone will be able to do more that implies savings realized from business continuity and productivity. Easy operation with Smart Sample pump.

Applications: Chemical Industries, Industrial and Laboratory, Oil and Gases and Mining


Honeywell GD250 Carbon Monoxide Detector

Honeywell GD250 Carbon Monoxide Detector is an IAQ(Indoor Air Quality) sensor, which has been intended to recognize carbon monoxide gas noticeable all around and has high exactness at low focus. Favorable position of this model is its minimized size and simple installation.

Applications: Chemical industry, Meat Coloring, Medicine, Metallurgy, Laser and so forth.


Honeywell H7080B Temperature and Humidity Duct Sensor

Honeywell H7080B Temperature and Humidity Duct Sensor transducers are designed for environmental monitoring and control applications in industrial, commercial and general buildings. These sensors can be used for discharge, outside or return air control.

Application: HVAC, Refrigeration, Air conditioning, etc.


Honeywell HAQSPA_R Air Quality Monitor

Honeywell HAQ Air Quality Monitor can give all the air quality data you may need to know to become a better you. With an award-winning design*, touch screen, color indicators, and Wi-Fi connectivity, the device measures six different pollutants, allergens, and parameters. Leveraging a proprietary algorithm, the monitor gives you an IQ percentage reading. It’s a measure of how well your brain can work in the present environment.

Applications: Indoor air quality checking, homes, smart buildings, medical, transportation.


Honeywell MiniRAE 3000 Portable Handheld VOC Monitor

Honeywell MiniRAE 3000 Portable Handheld VOC Monitor is an extensive handheld VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) screen that uses a third-age licensed PID technology to accurately measure more ionizable chemicals than any other device on the market. It gives full-go estimation from 0 to 15,000 ppm of VOCs.

Applications: Oil and Gas, HazMat, Industrial Safety, Civil Defense, Environmental and Indoor Air Quality


Honeywell ppbRAE 3000 Handheld PID VOC Monitor

Honeywell ppbRAE 3000 Handheld PID VOC Monitor is a thorough VOC gas monitor and data logger for dangerous situations. The Honeywell ppbRAE 3000 is the most advanced handheld VOC monitor accessible for parts-per-billion recognition. This third-generation licensed PID gadget monitors VOCs using a photo-ionization detector with a 9.8 eV, 10.6 eV UV-discharge lamp.

Applications: Clean Room, Paint Applications, Industries, Indoor Air Monitoring


Honeywell QRAE 3 Wireless Multi Gas Monitor

Honeywell QRAE 3 Wireless Multi-Gas Monitor is a full-featured, compact, one- to four-sensor gas detector for oxygen, combustibles, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide. Key features include easy-to-change battery pack, a water-resistant case and a new state-of-the-art O2 sensor.

Applications: Confined space entry and general safety and compliance in:

• Emergency response

• Environmental

• Fire service

• Industrial safety

• Oil and gas applications


Honeywell SCTHWA43SDS Temperature and Humidity transmitter

Honeywell SCTHWA43SDS Temperature and Humidity transmitter is a wall mount transmitter ideal for measuring temperature and humidity in indoor applications such as building automation and HVAC systems in residential and office buildings, manufacturing plants, pharmaceuticals, etc. This temperature and humidity transducer are equipped with Honeywell HumidIcon™ humidity/temperature sensors to accurately and reliably sense humidity and temperature.
Applications: Residential and office buildings, production and manufacturing plants, Storerooms, Equipment cabinets, Testing environments