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The Dwyer 475-1-FM Mark III Handheld Digital Manometer tests positive, negative or differential pressures of air and natural gases, ranging from 0 to 20.00 “w.c. (4,982 kPa). Double push pads on the front panel switch on / off, auto-zero, and pressure sensor selection, enabling easy function with no set-up required. When used with the Dwyer Pitot tube, the Dwyer 4751FM can also be used.


Applications: Monitoring natural gas pressures on boilers and other combustion equipment, Air velocity monitoring, Field calibration of other instruments monitoring or troubleshooting HVAC systems


 Dwyer 475-1-FM-AV Air Velocity Kit all-in-one kit is thin, lightweight, and simple to use. Requires no setup or scaling. Digital manometer reads from 0-20.00 “w.c. with F.S. precision of ±0.5 percent and small divisions to 0.01. Wide 1/2” LCD readings are simple to be seen in dimly lit areas and have a “low battery” alert. In there is a 6 “stainless steel Pitot tube with an integrated compression fitting to hold it safely while taking measurements.

100 in stock Differential Pressure Gauge, Capsuhelic Differential Pressure Gauge, CapsuhelicDifferential Pressure Gauge, Capsuhelic Differential Pressure Gauge, Capsuhelic

The SERIES 4000 Capsuhelic® gauge is designed to give fast, an accurate sign of differential pressure. The gauge might be utilized as a readout gadget when estimating flowing fluids, pressure drop crosswise over channels, fluid levels away tanks and numerous different applications including weight, vacuum or differential weight.

The pressure being measured is held inside a case which is an indispensable piece of the gauge. This control of the pressure allows the utilization of the check on framework pressure of up to 500 psig, notwithstanding when differentials to be perused are under 0.1 in w.c.


The series CDT Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Transmitters accurately monitor the CO2 concentration in indoor environments to help achieve energy savings. For increasing sensor accuracy, a single-beam dual-wavelength nondispersive infrared (NDIR) sensor is used to automatically correct the measurement in both occupied and unoccupied buildings against light source aging effects. The Single-beam dual-wavelength sensor technology provides the user the highest level of accuracy when compared to Automatic Baseline Correction methods which can unintentionally shift the calibration based on CO2 levels and barometric pressure condition. In order to achieve a higher level of accuracy, the CDT includes digital barometric pressure adjustment and the ability to field-calibrate the sensor. The Push buttons are standard on all configurations of the transmitters.


The CDT Series Carbon Dioxide and Temperature Transmitters measure the concentration and temperature of CO2 in schools, office buildings and other indoor environments to help achieve LEED ® certification. For improved sensor longevity, a single-beam dual-wavelength non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) sensor is used to automatically correct aging effects in both occupied and unoccupied buildings.

Applications: Demand control ventilation in schools, office buildings, hospitals, and other indoor environments


The Dwyer ® Series 475 Mark III Handheld Electronic Manometer is suitable for field testing, control or troubleshooting of HVAC systems, clean rooms, or a wide variety of other low-pressure pneumatic devices. Series 475-FM is approved and is inherently safe for hazardous locations, Class 1, Div.1, Group A, B, C, D, T4. Its simple operation and easy-to-read digital display make it an indispensable test tool for plant engineers, industrial hygienists, and HVAC technicians. The Series 475 Mark III can also be used as an air velocity gage when used with a Dwyer ® Pitot tube.

Dwyer MS311 1Dwyer MS311

Dwyer MS-311 Differential Pressure Transmitter is an extremely versatile transmitter for monitoring pressure and air velocity. the Differential Pressure Transmitter to be the single solution for your pressure and flow applications.


Dwyer OSA RHP-3O11 Mount Humidity/Temperature Transmitter combines the voltage or current humidity transmitter output with a passive temperature thermistor or RTD output. The polymer capacitance humidity sensor is not affected by condensation, fog, high humidity, or contaminants.

Applications: Air economizers, Outdoor temperature and relative humidity reference, Pool room humidity monitoring


Dwyer OSA RHP-3S11 RHP Humidity/Temperature Transmitter series combines the voltage or current transmitter output with either a passive temperature thermistor or RTD output. Condensation, rain, high humidity, or pollutants don’t affect the polymer power humidity sensor.


Application Note: For duct mount installations, the sintered filter option should be ordered for applications where the humidity transmitter is mounted in the supply air duct after the fan and cooling coils