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autonics t4wm temerature indicator

Autonics T4WM-N3NP4C 5-Channel Digital Temperature Indicator can display up to 5 input channels from separate sensors with an accurate measurement of ±0.5% and the users can select auto or manual channel switching based on preference. this 5 channel temperature indicator also features an auto-switching time interval that can be set up to 10 seconds.
Applications: Food, pharmaceutical, etc.

100 in stock temperature

Autonics PID Temperature Controller is an economical temperature controller having dual preset indicator displays to increase user convenience. The Temperature Controller is also available in low voltage models for wider user options.

Applications: Temperatures indication, Plastics molding/extrusion temperature monitoring, Heat treatment – furnace temperature monitoring, Chillers, Water heating boilers, Oven Control, Pressure/ Level/ Flow Monitoring.