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100 in stock Testo 104 IR Food Safety ThermometerTesto 104 IR Food Safety Thermometer

Testo 104 IR food safety thermometer is ideal for carrying out temperature checks in the food industry. This Multi-use Infrared and penetration thermometer feature folding mechanism, which makes it fit snugly in any pocket and could be available whenever you need it, to carry out checks on Import/Export goods, spot-checking during transport or food inspections in the Food/Retail industry.

Applications: Food transport trucks, refrigerators, Food Industries, hotels & restaurants, etc.

100 in stock Testo oil testerTesto 270  Digital Cooking Oil Tester

Testo 270 digital cooking oil tester identifies when should the cooking oil be changed since frying cooking oil is not healthy beyond a certain level of use is not healthy. This testo cooking oil tester not only ensures healthy cooking oil for their customers but also benefits them from cost savings.

Applications: Kitchens, Restaurants, etc.

100 in stock Carbon monoxide Meter,CO meterCarbon monoxide Meter,CO meter

Testo 317-3 CO Monitor provides fast and easy ambient carbon monoxide testing. It detects the presence of carbon monoxide (CO) in ambient air and warns the user both visually and audibly about dangerous CO concentrations during furnace and boiler service and maintenance, weatherization audits or home inspections.

Applications: Refining,Petrochemical,confined space work area,Mining Power,Ship building etc.

100 in stock Buy Testo 410-1 Pocket Sized Vane Anemometer Online, Testo 410-1Buy Testo 410-1 Pocket Sized Vane Anemometer Online, Testo 410-1

Testo 410-1 Vane Anemometer is used to measure air velocity and air temperature. You can use for fast spot measures at ventilation grilles (air outlets). This Testo anemometer is likewise perfect to utilize outside. It demonstrates the units m/s, km/h, fpm, mph and kts, and furthermore computes wind chill and the Beaufort wind force

Applications: Measuring Air, Gas, Emissions flow in pipes, Ducts, Stacks, Ventilation, Warehouses, HVAC.

100 in stock Testo 410-2 Vane AnemometerTesto 410-2 Vane Anemometer

Testo 410-2 Vane Anemometer is used for air velocity estimation at ventilation grilles (air outlets) and for inspecting air conditions of indoor and outdoors. Pocket-sized vane anemometer likewise measures humidity and air temperature.

Applications: Measuring Airflow in pipes, Ducts, Stacks, Windchill or Beaufort wind force.

100 in stock Testo 460 Pocket Sized RPM Meter, Testo 460 RPM MeterTesto 460 Pocket Sized RPM Meter, Testo 460 RPM Meter

Testo 460 Pocket-sized RPM meter is a lightweight meter that provides you with quick and solid readings while completing keeps an eye on fans, crankshafts, and engines. Also, in light of the fact that the checks can be performed while the machines are as yet running, there’s no compelling reason to stop generation or close down apparatus.
Applications: IC Engines, Rotary Machines, Research Labs, Automobile Industry, Etc

50 in stock mainTesto 510 Differential Pressure Indicator

Testo 510 Differential Pressure Indicator measures differential pressure in the range from 0 to 100 hPa. The differential pressure estimation is temperature-made up for exact estimation values.

Applications:  Pressure indicators are useful for monitoring room pressures, Clean Rooms ,HVAC, Setting balancing valves.

100 in stock Testo 510 I Differential Pressure MeterTesto 510 I Differential Pressure Meter

Testo 510i differential pressure measuring instrument on gas hot water heaters or on filters of air conditioning systems, and also flow measurements in ventilation ducts using a Pitot tube: the compact testo 510 differential pressure measuring instrument, which comes with a silicone connection hose and other useful accessories, can help you maintain and install systems in the sanitary and HVAC sector.

Applications: Pressure indicators are useful for observing room pressure sought after ventilation frameworks or in weight positive cleanrooms, HVAC applications, for example, measuring pipe draft and setting adjusting valves likewise utilized in brake testing, checking weight drop crosswise over channels, or as a transitory substitution for test measures

100 in stock testo 540Pocket-sized Lux Meter, Testo, Testo 540

Testo 540 Pocket-Sized Lux Meter is planned especially to complete spot checks in the workplace, shops, and work environments. The light sensor is exhibited on the apparition affectability of the human eye and is ideal for assessing lighting conditions in an extensive variety of workplaces.

Applications: Workplace, Shops, and Offices.

100 in stock Testo 606-1 Pocket Sized Moisture MeterTesto 606-1 Pocket Sized Moisture Meter

Testo 606-1 Pocket-Sized Moisture Meter is a particularly convenient and easy-to-operate pocket-sized material moisture measuring instrument. The material moisture is directly displayed in percentage by weight via stored material characteristic curves.

Application: Wood factory, buildings, etc..

100 in stock Moisture Meter, Moisture material,testo 606-2Moisture Meter, Moisture material,testo 606-2

Testo 606-2 Moisture Meter is not only used to measure the moisture content in wood and building materials etc but also measure relative humidity and air temperature measurement. This helps to check the storage and drying conditions quickly and easily.
Applications: Constructions, Buildings, Wood Shops, etc.


Testo 750-2 voltage tester is used to test electrical systems, equipment single pole voltage to determine quickly whether conductors are live, reliably and easily for voltage or de-energization equipped with all-round LED display and unique fiber-optic technology.

Applications: Test electrical circuits or systems for voltage or de-energization (according to DIN EN 61243-3:2010), Checking the rotating magnetic field, Single pole voltage testing to determine whether conductors are live, Checking RCD circuit breakers