Autonix PMM-S1 Signal Converter

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Autonix PMM-S1 Signal Converter is a state-of-the-art device designed to provide seamless and reliable signal conversion in industrial automation systems. This 4-20mA converter has advanced technology and versatile functionality, this product enables smooth integration and communication between various field devices and control systems. Whether you need to convert analog signals to digital or vice versa, the PMM-S1 Signal Converter is the perfect solution for enhancing the performance and flexibility of your industrial processes.

Applications: Process Control and Monitoring, Data Acquisition Systems, Building Automation, Power Distribution and Energy Management, Industrial Robotics and Motion Control.

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Country : United States

Product Description

Autonix PMM-S1 Signal Converter is the perfect choice for businesses seeking versatile and reliable signal conversion solutions. With its advanced features, precise signal conversion capabilities, and wide compatibility, it enhances the performance and flexibility of your industrial automation systems. Invest in the PMM-S1 Signal Converter and experience.

Features of Autonix Signal Converter:

  • Compact DIN rail mount Design
  • High output load driving capability
  • 1.5 KV AC three-port isolator
  • Rugged & accurate 4-wire isolator 

Additional Information

Manufacturer Autonix
Model No PMM-S1
Input Type mA
Input Range 4~20mA DC
Output Type mA
Output Range 4~20mA DC
Transmitter Power Supply 24VDC,25mA
No load current max 10mA at 12VDC
Housing material ABS
Indicator Power indicator LED(Red)
Operating Temperature -0 to +55°C (non-freezing condition)
Storage Temperature -10 to +60°C (non-freezing condition)
Ambient Humidity 35 to 95%RH
Weight Approx 400 gms
Supply Scope 1 Unit of Signal Converter and Instruction Manual.

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