ADAPT LISA Real-Time Data Logger

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ADAPT LISA Real-Time Data Logger is a Multi-use Recorder to monitor the moving assets for achieving greater visibility and transparency throughout the Supply chain. LISA Real-Time Data Logger enables real-time location tracking along with the temperature to ensure better track of assets, whether it is in a warehouse, in transit, or arrived at their destination. Near real-time temperature, detection allows instant SMS, email, and push notifications to be sent when violations of set parameters occur enabling necessary action to take place.

Applications: Transportation, Pharmaceutical , Food , Industrial BINS and Containers, Reusable Supply Chain Assets Activities, etc.


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Country : United States

Product Description

ADAPT LISA Real-Time Data Logger is a Multi-use Real-Time Data tracker to monitor the moving assets of the company. All the recorded data from this device can be tracked and managed easily via the secured cloud portal. Reports can be downloaded and shared via the portal easily. we can synchronize multiple tracking systems at one time to the portal, and have near real-time data in our hands. The Data collected allows insights to be developed and helps to make decisions from the data backed.

Near Real-time Location Tracking:
LISA enables near real-time location tracking to ensure companies always understand where their assets are – whether in a warehouse, in-transit or arrived at its destination. Near real-time location tracking ensures greater visibility can be achieved and assets are protected. Understanding where assets are, and their location ensures that if assets are somewhere that they should not be, necessary action can be taken.

Temperature Detection:
With a temperature detection range of -20 to 60 degrees Celsius, LISA monitors the temperature of valuable assets. Data on temperature is
vital for assets that are sensitive to fluctuations in temperature or must be kept within a certain temperature range. Near real-time temperature detection allows instant SMS, email, and push notifications to be sent when violations of set parameters occur
enabling necessary action to take place. Collecting data on temperature ensures companies and concerned stakeholders understand what conditions their assets experience.

Near Real-time Alerts:
When deviations from set parameters occur, an instant alert will be sent to notify concerned parties, enabling proactive action to be taken as necessary. This feature empowers companies to take necessary action when issues arise. All violations of set parameters are captured, reported, and stored from the device to the secured cloud portal.

Track Everything on your Finger tips:
The ability to monitor the status and vital data of valuable assets allows companies to attain greater visibility of moving assets. The communication of near real-time data allows companies to take proactive actions, based on the insights gathered. The platform works with ease across our solution range, allowing you to have the right information at your fingertips.

Features of ADAPT LISA Real-Time Data Tracker:

  • Near Real-time Location Tracking
  • Long Battery Life
  • Rechargeable
  • Dashboard Access
  • Near Real-time Alerts And Notifications
  • All Violations Are Captured, Reported And Stored On Event
  • SMS, Email And Push Notifications

Additional Information

Manufacturer Adapt
Model LISA LA001
Type Multi Use
Temperature Range -20°C to 60°C
Accuracy For Temperature 0°C to 60°C IS +/-0.50°C -20°C to 0°C IS +/-1°C
Resolution 0.1°C
Charging Voltage 5 volts ( Round Magnetic Connector )
Charging Time 500 mA for 20hrs
Data Storage Capacity up to 20,000 Readings
Rating IP64 Compliance
Battery Li-ion 10,000 mAh/Rechargeable
Life on FUll Charge 30 Days at Room Temperature
Connection Type CATM1 & 2G / GLOBAL ROAMING
Location / Accuracy Cell,wifi/100m
Standards FCC/CE Compliance
Calibration factory calibrated / NABL lab
Dimensions 112mm * 62mm * 30mm
Weight 250 gms


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