Ace AI-IAQ11 Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Product Id : 274147

Ace AI-IAQ11 Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor is designed to monitor, record, and wirelessly transmit the critical 11 parameters of indoor Air over Wifi or RS 485 Modbus communication. So, By using this Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor Everyone can easily monitor the Building indoor Air quality health & Sustainability.
Applications: Hospitals and medical facilities, Hotels and Restaurants, Schools and Colleges, Shopping Malls, Offices Buildings, Industrial Buildings, etc.

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Country : United States

Product Description

Ace AI-IAQ11 Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor is a 5” touch screen (TFT) Thin Film Transistor Display based Indoor Air Quality Monitor and this is a Multi-parameter display that has in-built sensors for all the 11 parameters being measured. So, with this Air Quality Monitor, everyone can easily track and monitor the building’s indoor air quality, health, etc.
Features of Ace Indoor Air Quality Monitor :

  •  It has a 5” Touch Screen TFT Display
  • This Air Quality Monitor has an inbuilt wifi Connection to connect & download the data from the cloud-based HTTP location, which is OS independent, So the user can monitor the data on Computers / Laptops, Android / Smartphones, Tablet PC By Using the Online Web Application along with Secured Credentials.
  • This Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor has a common audio buzzer inside for alerting users to limit violations for each of the 11 parameters.
  • It has an inbuilt USB Port for Downloading the Data ( up to 5000 Records with programmable recording interval, all 11 parameters with timestamp
  • This Indoor Air Quality Monitor is Available with a RS 485 Modbus Communication port  for Connecting to BMS Systems for remote monitoring
  • It is freely Programmable by the User on the Field.
Parameter Display Measuring Range Accuracy
PM 1 0~1000 μg/m3 ±15 ug/m3 (when concentration is≤100ug/m3);
±15% (when concentration is >100ug/m3
PM 2.5 0~1000 μg/m3 ±15 ug/m3 (when concentration is≤100ug/m3);   ±15% (when concentration is >100ug/m3
PM 10 0~1000 μg/m3 ±15 ug/m3 (when concentration is≤100ug/m3);  ±15% (when concentration is >100ug/m3
TEMPERATURE -20~65° ±0.5° (0-65°)
HUMIDITY 0~100%RH ±3% RH
 CARBONDIOXIDE  ( CO2 ) 0~5000 ppm ±50ppm (or) +5% of reading value
HCHO ( Formaldehyde ) 0~6.250 mg/m3 ± 0.03 mg/m3 (when concentration  is ≤ 0.2mg/m3)°   ± 20% reading value (when concentration is >0.2mg/m3)
TVOC(Total Volatile Organic Compound) 0.0 to 3.0 mg/m3 Better than 0.1 mg/m3
Ozone ( O3 ) 0.00~10.00 ppm ± 0.1ppm, when the concentration is ≤1ppm;         ±20% full range, when the concentration is over 1ppm
Carbon Monoxide( CO ) 0.0~500.0 ppm ± 10% reading value
Nitrogen Dioxide( NO2 ) 0.01~10.00 ppm 0.05 ppm

Additional Information

Manufacturer Ace Instruments
Model AI-IAQ11
Display 5'' Touch Screen Full Color TFT Display
Display Size/Type L×B - 11×7 Cms.
Measuring Parameters 11 Parameters for Full IAQ Suite along with Date and Time
Communication Wifi Communication for Data push to server ( Instrukart Server or Customer Server on Request) for Remote monitoring of Data of all parameters / Optional RS 485
Datalogging Modbus Communication to connect to BMS, 5000 Records memory ( User programmable logging interval) for direct download to USB pendrive in Microsoft Excel Format
Power Supply 12 VDC Adapter provided along with for direct plug in to 230 VAC / 110 VAC
Enclosure M.S. Powder coated wall mountable enclosure
Dimensions L×B×H - 19.5×14.5×4.5 Cms


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